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Dec 14, 2008 06:08 AM

AGA 44" Dual-Fuel ... opinions?

Hi, I am thinking about getting this rnage but am having a hard time finding any reviews. I currently have a 48" Wolf Dual Fuel (which I love) at my main home and this would be for the weekend place. Would love to hear from someone who has the AGAs range (or the 36" version of it). The cooktop seems like it will be fine in terms of power and layout, a little concerned about the small size of the oven. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated :-)

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  1. We have the 36" dual fuel AGA Legacy. The five-burner cooktop is a dream to use, but as you mentioned, the ovens are extremely small. I bought the smallest turkey roasting pan I could find anywhere, and it would not fit in the main oven. I ended up using a disposable foil pan, and it actually worked fine. I do love the tall oven and the broiler oven, though. My only other complaint is the ridiculous amount of time it takes the main oven to fully preheat (40+ minutes). The tall oven preheats in a normal amount of time. I think there are many other ranges on the market that have cooktops that work just as well and also have easier to use ovens. If I had it to do over, I probably would not buy another AGA.