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Dec 14, 2008 05:24 AM

Best Take-Out Near Roosevelt Ave and 74th street?

I'm going to a potluck (annual coworker event with good coworkers) today near the Roosevelt Ave and 74th st. station in Queens and don't have time to cook.
Any recommendations for which is the best take-out close by? I saw posts here about some Indian places and Indian/Chinese, but it was hard to tell which had take-out and which were close. Which would be the most interesting and tasty place to try?

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  1. Talk of the Town (Indian Chinese) is located at 37-21 72nd Street has take out.

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    1. re: Mike V

      what about the Indian places nearby, have you tried any of them? Would you recommend Talk of the Town over them?

      1. re: redbecca

        You did mention Indian Chinese which is what Talk of the Town is. Closer is Kebab King at 73rd St & 37th Road next to the Indian Movie Theatre and is very good. But the counter where you order is always so chaotic and crowded. Consider a more peaceful place like Al Naimat at 37-03 74th Street. They have very reasonable prices and the food is good. Most dishes are $6 & $7 including Biryani. They're so pleasant and service is always good. They also sell Sweets.

    2. My favorite take-out place in the area is Kababish on Broadway/72nd. It's just a counter, but just about everything I've had there is way above the Jackson Heights standards. It's been my go-to Indian take-out for the last few years.

      1. the Jackson Heights station is like the center of the universe for takeout (any restaurant you can order takeout). Kababish is my favorite, but Kebab king, desa, roti boti are all very good. You can go down roosevelt either direction for more interesting stuff. tacqueria coatzingo is on like 76th street - and they are one of the best mexican places. arrive an hour early and walk around a bit. this neighborhood is all about eating and looking good! (salons and threading)

        If I were going to a potluck right around the station, Id go to kababish b/c its great and not everyone knows about it - everyone knows about kebab king. well, if you plan to tell them that you bought it and didnt make it, that's where I'd go.

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          Does Kababish have vindaloo? If so, then is it any good?

        2. for indian, I like roti boti but I haven't gotten takeout from there.

          mexican/tacos might not be good for takeout or a potluck but maybe the people at coatzingo can put together a to-go serving for maybe 10 tacos? sorta like getting the $14.95 fajitas by the pound from the chinese tex-mex place. ihawan for takeout is excellent (the bbq are $2.50 each and always a hit when I bring them to parties).

          seeing as your potluck was today, let us know how it went and also, if anyone else bought neighborhood treats.

          oh, and the chaat place attached to New Delhi Palace has good snacks to go; any of the items when dunked in the yogurt and topped with all the goodies has been a hit when I've picked that stuff up for a potluck.

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          1. re: bigjeff

            thanks everyone
            I wound up going to Al Naimat I got Chana masala and palak paneer. Both were soooo good. Most people actually made food, so nobody else brought neighborhood take out. The hosts were really happy with my offering because they only recently moved to the neighborhood and hadn't tried it yet. I was going in the opposite direction from Kebabish when I got out of the train, but the next time I go to Jackson Heights, I'll check it out.

            Anyone here been to the Nepalese/Tibetan place on 37th ave? Is it any good?

            1. re: redbecca

              Redbecca, I also ordered by Al Naimat yesterday. I didn't want to wait so I took from the buffet table an order of chili chicken & aloo matar (potato & peas in curry sauce). It was so very good along with Nan. Kebabish is an excellent recommendation which has above average Indian food. I was feeling a bit lazy yesterday so I went to Al Naimat which is just steps from home. I've become a regular at Al Naimat since I can select from the buffet table and fill the plastic containers without waiting for anyone to do it. Plus the staff is so nice. I haven't tried Thakali Kitchen that you mentioned. The new Indian Restaurant Mehfil at 76 St is getting very good reviews from several neighbors who dine at this new place. They're the only buffet that serves Fish. Another favorite for Indian Chinese Nanking at 72nd St & 37th Ave just reopened after being closed for two weeks. Great place for a sit down lunch (no buffet during the week) at a bargain price with over 40 selections.

              1. re: redbecca

                was gonna rec al naimat for their buffet (it looks realllly good) and, their sweets are excellent. bought a $6 box last week which was about . . . . 7 or 8 delicious sweets. that place is damn good.

                1. re: bigjeff

                  I like al naimat a lot. top 3 buffets in the area for me. nanking I just don't get. mehfil is pretty respectable, but I wasn't soo impressed with the fish at their buffet.

                  Never been to thikali, and dont really expect that I will be there. just doenst seem so exciting to me. I'm a big fan of himalayan fast food on 37th road though, and shangrila seems pretty respected by the locals. also, himalayan yak - they have a buffet on the weekend, and although the dishes seemed typical indian buffet, they did look good. I will have to try that soon.

            2. just to update: the two Roti Boti's on Broadway near 73rd/74th have both changed names. The larger more glitzy one is now named Dera Restaurant and, is still loud and glitzy. The low-key Roti Boti that I like (across the street) has now changed the name to Kahari & Grill. Same owners tho, same awesome selection of tandoori items, and quite a large spread of choices when I stopped by. Also, Tawa was still holding it down with paratha and roti while a new place, Ruchita Sweets (next door to Dosa Place/Diner) on 73rd st. was quite packed; very good prices on their biryani's and kebabs and things but I haven't been in there to eat; the place is decorated in bright reds and looking very good. There's been quite a bit of turnover in the area but thankfully Alauddin's seems to be open more consistently now and still offers some of the tastiest seafood dishes in the area.

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              1. re: bigjeff

                I checked out Ruchita last week. Although it looked promising (HUMONGOUS prawn like the ones I've seen in Calcutta; whole fish; a tandoor for kebabs and naan), I was very disappointed.

                I'd stopped in hoping for some good sweets and tea, but also ended up ordering a kebab and naan. The naan smelled and tasted very off, like it had baking soda and was still a bit raw. Everything else was bland.

                Perhaps the steam table offerings are better, but I'm sticking to Kebab King for kebabs and naan and Maharaja for my sweets.

                1. re: Joe MacBu

                  thanks for the tip there; will check it out at some point but when I'm in that hood, I invariably end up at kahari and grill; hard to let some habits go.