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Dec 14, 2008 04:37 AM

Saketumi Restaurant where Anne Maries was

This new Chinese/Japanese restaurant opened in the remodeled Anne Maries Italian Restaurant on Coastal Highway just across from Crabby Dicks.

Has anyone been there? Please Report back. Thanks.

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  1. We were there recently. We had a nice time but still prefer The Cultured Pearl.

    1. I went last week. It has a large and diverse menu and the interior is interesting but I did not think the food was good at all. I had shrimp/pork rolls as an appetizer and several sushi rolls.

      1. Is it really called Saketumi? As in, "Sock it to me!" from Laugh-In?

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        1. re: aklein

          Yep. That's what it's called. . . Sock-it-to-me.

          They serve Chinese, Thai and Japanese food . . . a trifecta of Asian cuisine : )

          1. re: JenBoes

            I had an "orangtini" at Saketumi that really DID sock-it-to-me!

            Seriously though, Saketumi is a beautiful place. The back room is where you want to be seated.

            My family still loves The Cultured Pearl the most for sushi in Rehoboth though.

            1. re: Lewes17266

              My friend had a pomegranite martini and also said it was really, really strong. Maybe that's what they're getting at with the name? : )