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Dec 14, 2008 01:47 AM

Dark restaurants in Toronto ?

I have a very good friend coming from the USA on an all-too-rare pre-Christmas visit. He suffers from a chronic eye condition which makes light very painful; hence this request - what reasonably sophisticated/upscale eateries in Toronto or even the GTA offer a evening dining with very subdued lighting ? Only Hy's and La Palette came to mind, but we've been to both before, and I was wondering what other options might exist. Thanks !

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  1. Rosebud at Queen and Bathurst. It's dark!

    1. I'm not trying to be cheeky or anything, but have you considered just going anywhere you think is good and having your friend wear shades? As long as they don't pair that with leather pants, long scarf, and an Aerosmith t-shirt they should be able to get away with that.

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        Haha ! I think most people - certainly my friend - would feel bizarre wearing shades in a restaurant - either faux-Hollywood mysterious look or drawing attention to a medical condition...but thanx for the good humored suggestion. And to other posters for their counsel.

      2. Try Bistro Camino, Danforth and Dawes, search for reviews on CH. The room is divided, the front half is quite good without being gloomy. No spotlights, fluorescents, halogens or the like. I don't like any of the foregoing; I don't have a problem with the light here. You can even ask the hostess to turn off a couple lights.

        Low light, low key, low prices but very nice and comfy cooking.

        1. Dark restaurants nearly make it impossible for me to take photos, so a few have stuck in my memory. I am not sure the price range you were looking for or the types of cuisines you lean towards, but here are a few recs:

          Le Paradis (ask to sit downstairs. Though they usually don't take seating preference requests, I am sure they will accommodate this request.
          )Linda's :
          Zucca Trattoria:

          I am not sure if the lighting at these restaurants is sufficient, but perhaps you can do a bit of reconnaissance ahead of time?


          1. How dark is Pepe's... the downstairs space at Torito? I found Torito relatively dark, so I wonder whether the downstairs might suit? I've never been to Pepe's so it would require a bit more research, but I love the food at Torito.

            I also recall Amuse Bouche as quite dark (in a romantic sort of way).