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Dec 13, 2008 11:25 PM

Help Choosing Cookbook For Grandsons

I want to give my 13 and 10 year old grandsons each their first cookbook....With an invitation to help them cook an item of their choice each week. Please share your thoughts on the cookbooks that you think they might enjoy. Thanks!

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  1. How to Cook Without a Book by Pam Anderson published in 2000. It is a basic cookbook that has easy recipes with variations. Once one masters the basic recipe, one can get creative. The ingredient lists include items easily bought at any supermarket. There are chapters on pasta, omelets, simple preparations of meats, etc.

    1. Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook is what I gave to my sons for their first cookbooks. Covers all the basics, easy to read and understand, lots of illustrations.

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        Thanks! I will check out these two books.

      2. Cooking With Herb: The Vegetarian Dragon
        by Jules Bass (Author), Debbie Harter (Illustrator) might be geared toward a younger kids.

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          Thanks! I have never heard of this one, but I will check it out.

        2. Clueless in the Kitchen by Evelyn Raab. Exactly intended for beginners - not childish at all and with a funky tone. If you can't find it under that name, try "Basic Cooking" by the same author.