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Dec 13, 2008 09:14 PM

Restaurant with no/minimal corkage?

I'd like to take my husband out to dinner for his birthday and drink a wine that we bought in Napa. Any suggestions of good places with low corkage fees? Any cuisine is fine, not too pricey, though. We live in Orange County, but are willing to drive in to LA --that's where all our favorite places are anyways!

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    1. Why the no/minimal corkage? Just curious. You get what you pay for. If you bought a special wine and want to really enjoy it, it should be serviced properly. That means, opening it correctly, possible decanting, correct stems. I wouldn't trust an inexperienced server with my fine bottle to be serviced and poured into crappy, small stems. Most places are reasonable when it comes to corkage. Believe me, the $20 you might spend will go a long way for a special bottle.

      Consider Marche Moderne, I believe the corkage is $10 or $15 and you will be well serviced.

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        Agreed. A place near me has low corkage, but their stems stink. You get what you pay for. Go for the Riedels!

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          We already splurged on the wine, so that's why I was hoping to avoid corkage --but your point is well taken. What do you recommend at Marche Moderne?

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            We'd already splurged a bit on the bottle, that's why I was hoping to avoid paying more, but your point is well taken. Can anyone recommend what to eat at Marche Moderne? We may try Bandera's in Corona del Mar, based on the above thread.

          2. Josie's in Santa Monica has no corkage on Mondays. I don't know what would qualify as not too pricey, but I believe their menu and prices are listed on the website. Their venison is absolutely delicious.

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              Josie is an excellent call - i love both the food and the ambiance there...and as far as any concerns about wine service [though i agree wholeheartedly with my fellow Chers who could do without all the pretense], their staff is usually pretty knowledgeable and capable.

            2. I went with my boyfriend and his sister to Zucca's which is in downtown LA. They had no corkage fee, and we both enjoyed our meal. His sister had the risotto which wasn't as good, but it arrived cold, so maybe it's better served warm. I had the filet and my boyfriend had fish. We all enjoyed our experience. It was romantic, and fairly priced.

              801 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

              1. Canele in Atwater Village - $10 corkage
                The Park in Echo Park - BYOB, no corkage

                Both are great, but probably not worth the drive from OC; but if you happen to be near downtown....