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Dec 13, 2008 08:48 PM

Where do I buy...

Hello fellow Chow,

Don't ask how it got to this, but I have to prepare a dinner for next friday night, mostly using foie gras. I rented an apartment, but wont get there until 6 or 7 pm. so I only have an hour or two to go shopping.

The apartment is located at Temple metro. Where can a possibly find, at 7 pm a friday night :

- A good butcher for some beef ?
- Uncooked Foie Gras ?
- A great bakery for some nice bread ?
- A place to buy desserts ?

Thanks for your help again board !


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  1. Wow, sounds like a challenge but you can make it.
    Wandering into 'le marche des enfants rouges' would provide you with most of what you need but I am unsure of the opening hours.
    A very safe option for Foie Gras is Picard, the quality frozen food chain ( They have raw foie gras in one piece or in slices (ideal for Beef Rossini).
    For bread, one of the best baguettes is at Julien's near les Halles. With so little time, you might prefer something closer.
    The closest place to buy very nice desserts would be 'Le pain de sucre' (See the many references in this board). It is always safe to call in advance otherwise you won't be left with much on a friday evening.
    Good luck.

    1. Rue Montorgueil is a great mkt rue and fairly close. (Metro Etienne Marcel). Two excellent boulangeries and one of the best Patisseries in Paris, Stoherer (sp). Not sure of the hours on fri nights.

      1. Mostly, you don't have to time to look for the best shop and see if they're open. I would head to the closest Monoprix and get some Monoprix Gourmet products. They close at 8pm. Then Monop'daily closes at midnight. All have quality ingredients. For the bread and desserts, it won't be difficult to find a good bakery/pastry on top of it.

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          The Monoprix near me all close at either 21h30 or 22h. I'd say head to the bakery first for good bread, then pick up everything else at the Monoprix, like Souphie recommends.

          1. re: tmso

            you're right, most Monop do close around 10pm.

            1. re: souphie

              That's my plan, there's a monoprix just nearby. I'll just stop at Pierre Hermé to stock on desserts on my way from Orly, since you can buy them directly on the website.

              Would you recommend Monoprix Gourmet over Picard products ?

              1. re: MtlChris

                If coming from Orly (by taxi?) then stop at Bon Marche (38 rue du Sevres, 7eme) and do all your shopping at Le Grand Epicerie, it stays open to 21:00 on Friday. IMO it is one of the best food halls in the world and many leagues above Monoprix or Picard.

                It has everything you need, the butchers are pretty good with a good selection of beef (different cuts and price points), not 100% certain about uncooked Foie Gras but it stocks most things so it probably does. They have a bakery, a good selection of desserts, a full range of vegtables and at this time of year a great range of christmas treats i.e. Turkish delight, dates, figs etc.

                Pierre Herme in rue Bonaparte isn't far away so you could call in before or after.

                1. re: PhilD

                  Excellent idea!
                  The desserts at La grande Epicerie are also pretty decent.