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Dec 13, 2008 08:38 PM

Best soft gingerbread and sugar cookies in the Bay Area

Where can I find the best soft gingerbread and sugar cookies in the bay area? Thank you

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  1. Bakesale Betty's ginger cookies are very good.

    1. Meant to include in original reply.

      Bakesale Betty
      5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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      1. re: Allfrog68

        I second the Bakesale Betty suggestion. The ginger cookies have a nice amount of gingery heat and aren't overly sweet. Delish.

        For sugar cookies and snickerdoodles, I really like the Breadgarden by the Claremont Hotel.

        Bread Garden
        2912 Domingo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

        1. re: Hunicsz

          Third on Bakesale Betty. Mine are almost identical, but I think they use dark molasses for a little more kick (I use "regular" molasses).

          No time to bake this year; headed down there tomorrow for a dozen. So, soooo good.

      2. Thorough Bread had a molasses ginger cookie the other day that I thought had a ton of flavor. I bought it for my husband because ginger desserts are not my thing, but they are his. They don't always have this--call ahead. They also have snickerdoodles, which I would definitely place in the sugar cookie category.

        Destination Bakery also has really good snickerdoodles, when they have them, which isn't all the time. Call ahead.

        1. I really enjoyed the gingersnap cookies at Andronico's (by the deli section). They were very buttery, not too spicy, and soft (but not too soft).

          1. I forgot about it, but Crixa makes a very good soft gingerbread cookie. There's a lot of hard cookies around, but other than Crixa I can't think of anyone doing a soft gingerbread. They have paper cutouts of Santa Clauses too. Very charming.

            As far as sugar cookies, Virgina Bakery has one of the more extensive selection. It's an old school bakery so we are talking good but not amazing taste.

            For both taste and looks, Masses are the best I've seen and tasted.