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Dec 13, 2008 07:46 PM

Got Kosher? (Los Angeles)

Has anyone tried Got Kosher? Reviews?


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  1. I did, it was utterly horrible, unedible, I threw most of it out.

    1. BS"D

      A few months ago, in another Chowhound thread, someone said she liked it a lot. Fresser says below that he hated it. So I guess the jury is out and you must try it for yourself and report back to us.

      1. Add me to the "liked it a lot" crowd. I'm just thrilled there's a place in L.A. that makes kosher Indian food! (Mondays, IIRC)

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          Got Kosher?Cafe and Bakery does different ethnic cuisines on a rotating basis but just read that the owner is from Paris and is French-Tunisian and so the main dishes are Mediterranean and the best of French-Tunisian (kosher). The "national" dish - the tunisian sandwich is my favorite and comes in three versions... fry bread fricassee, sandwich on a stirato bun and the assiette tunisian (plate) without bread. i'm not a bread eater but i could live on this dish... apparently so could the Tunisians for 200 years.... the service is not always great but the people are really friendly

          1. re: FoodFlogger

            The fricassee at Got Kosher is amazing.
            I also had the artichoke bottoms recently. Also very good.

        2. I have no idea what users below are talking about..Go try "Got Kosher?" again. You must of have had a bad experience, because "Got Kosher?" today is a revelation to kosher food. I've had a number of items on their menu from their sausage sandwiches to the pulled beef brisket and even tasted the international dishes in the case. It is all great food every time. also the pretzel challah is a great hit! I personally recommend it.

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            I really like Got Kosher. They use fresh ingredients and the food is tasty. I find the selection most abundant and most freshly made on Thursdays and Fridays. They make a pretzel challah in several different flavors including Belgian Chocolate which is a family favorite. If you are there at lunch time, they make small hot Tunisian sandwich on Brioche with bluefin tuna fricasse, egg, greens and harissa. Yum. My family loves the brisket and the mini lamb chops. If you stick the the Tunisian inspired food on the menu, you can't go wrong. Lots of nutritionally balanced veggie options too which makes me very happy.

          2. Absolutely delicious. Not the same boring food. Used them for a party and they were great to work with.
            Their pretzel challah can be found at Trader Joe's. I hope Trader Joe's will start carrying their other challahs also.