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Jan 19, 2004 11:35 AM

banh mi in SGV?

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Thus far, I'm aware of three shops around MP/Alhambra/SG:

* Lee's Sandwiches, on Valley Blvd. west of New Ave.
* Ba Le, 1426 S. Atlantic, south of Garvey
* Saigon (can't remember the full name), on Garfield, north of Garvey and just north of the Hong Kong Supermarket

I've only been to Lee's. Not bad, but the bread tended to be a bit dry. Anyone been to the others?


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  1. Ba Le is the best of the three. For some odd reason, sandwich shops seem to be springing up around the area like Starbucks. Lee's Sandwiches does make a mean ice coffee though.


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    1. re: TofuMaster

      Thx - will be trying Ba Le next.

      BTW, your moniker reminds me: discovered VP Tofu, Garfield at Newmark in MP. Good, fresh soy milk and tofu products. Comparable to the stuff I had in San Jose. Anything better in the area?

      1. re: Richard

        Yes! I've tried VP tofu and liked it though I was intrigued by the Mushroom tofu on the menu, but I had enough soy products for one day so I decided to get it next time. You try it?

        1. re: Tofumaster

          Yep, 7 pieces for $1 I think. Definitely worth trying, either straight outta the bag or cooked in a dish.

          1. re: Tofumaster

            Is this place safe and pretty good still? Its been around for a long time but I'm not sure if the food is good. Never tried it before.

      2. I think Ba Le is actually south of Valley, not Garvey, near Del Taco. The place on Garfield is Saigon Sandwich--very good BBQ pork, with a little smear of peanut paste. Mr. Baguette, on Valley near Walnut Grove, has my favorite bread, and good chicken or dac biet. I also noticed a new banh mi shop on Valley a few blocks west of Atlantic, but haven't tried it yet.

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        1. re: Robert Lu

          You're right about the Ba Le location.

          I assume the Saigon Sandwich has no relationship to its famous namesake in SF. I was going to try it, but they were closed when I drove by on Sunday.

          Your other two recs will give me reason for a few extra jaunts into the area.

        2. I like the beef sandwich at Baguette Express.

          1. There was a time when I went on this crazy SGV Banh Mi phase. I actually love the bread at Mr. Baguette, but was bumbed they didn't put cucumber or cilantro in it. So I thought there had to have been some place in SGV that would combine my two needs.

            I tried:
            Ba Le-thought it was okay, but nothing about the sandwich wowed me.

            Banh Mi Che Cali (On Valley across from the Boiling Crab and by Pepe's)-People love this place, I thought it was okay too-nothing wowed me.

            Mr.Baguette (On Atlantic)-Still love their bread the most.. I love the chicked one, but I also love this pork one they have. I swear it tastes like a piece of Korean BBQ (I know, that's beef) Galbi (or Kalbi?).

            The one that stuck out in my mind, is Banh Mi My Tho. It's on Valley, I believe. They have great egg rolls and their sandwich was big and "full". Just full of veggies and meat. Really good.

            I went to some other random ones, but that's the one I'd go to.