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Dec 13, 2008 06:16 PM

Who has better fried chicken -- Redhead or Egg?

My sister is coming to New York, and she loves fried chicken. Who has better fried chicken? Redhead in the East Village or Egg in Williamsburg? They both look great, and have been well-reviewed in the Times, but she only has enough time to try one.

Peter Meehan on the fried chicken at Egg:

Frank Bruni on the fried chicken at Redhead:

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  1. I have to say Egg. I ate dinner there a month ago, and just dined at the Redhead this past weekend. Though Redhead was a great meal, the fried chicken was amazing at Egg. Also at the Redhead you get two pieces while at Egg you get three pieces for around the same price point. But the biscuits are amazing at the Redhead! Though my husband had the porkchops at Egg that come with pork belly and brussel sprouts and he is still raving about them. While I am still dreaming about my shrimp and grits at The Redhead. But both restaurants will give you a very solid meal!
    Ps. Egg is byob, so you can save money bringing in your own bottle of wine.

    1. So funny. I was just about to post about Redhead's fried chicken. I just had it friday night, it was spectacular. Crispy, moist and magically not greasy. Seriously, magic was involved. I've not had it at Egg, but with the closing of Charles' there's been alot of talk about goood fried chicken. Certainly this is a different place all together. But man that was good chicken. I'd say about 80% of the restaurant was eating it.

      1. Egg and Redhead are both good. I also walked past a place on 14th street on the way to the applestore the other day. Dirty Bird to go. I googled and saw that Serious Eats gave it the thumbs up. The chicken was pretty amazing. They had brussels sprouts that were definitely in the delicious category.

        1. Looks like Egg and Redhead are tied so far. For it's worth, I've been doing more research, and Dana Cowin, the editor of Food and Wine, thinks Egg has the best fried chicken in New York:

          Joshua Stein, writing for the Guardian in London, agrees:

          Haven't tried either place yet, but will write it up once I do over the holidays.

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            havent been to RH yet, but i put EGG's fried chicken on a par with MAROONS in manhattan. both good stuff!

          2. A while ago the NY Times raved about the fried chicken in an upstairs Korean restaurant in midtown. Does anyone know details?

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              Bon Chon. Many postings on the board about it

              1. re: msny98

                Bon Chon gets my vote for best in NYC. In addition to the Koreatown location, Bon Chon Chicken is now served at Boka on St. Mark's (and it's equally amazing).

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                This may get moved to the outerboroughs, but there's a Korean chain called UFC which has a branch in, where else, Queens. Said to be the cats meow.


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                  I'm not too much a fan of the korean variety. more meaty, but to me fried chicken is all about the breading, the frying and the spaces between the bones with all that flavor and good stuff.
                  I'm a little taken back by $16 for 2 pieces of fried chicken and sides at redhead seems like a lot for southern cooking. I guess 3 times won't hurt.

                2. re: mahler5

                  that place is called baden baden and its just ok. open really late though