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Dec 13, 2008 05:39 PM

Japanese Skewer Restaurant?

Hi all. When I was living up in Vancouver I found the most fantastic place. It's called Zakkushi and they specialized in a very simple fare: meat and vegetable skewers cooked quickly over a charcoal grill. It was simple, cheap and scrumptious. I have tried to find something like it in LA but haven't yet. Can anyone tell me if there is a place like this anywhere near the San Fernando Valley?


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  1. Sounds like what you've run across is yakitori (particularly if it involved lots o' chicken). While I can't provide a rec in the SFV off the top of my head, I can offer, (roughly in order of ascending price) Shinsengumi in Torrance and Alhambra, (and o/c if you're down there) Nanbankan and a couple of other places on Sawtelle in WLA, and Kokokeko downtown. .

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      Nor can I suggest anywhere in the Valley, but I second the tip on KOKEKOKKO down in Little Tokyo. I haven't been for a while but it's not the kind of place that changes too much, I think all they do is chicken skewers, in traditional yakitori style.

      If it's the same as it was three years ago, they offer a 5-course and a 10-course fixed skewer menu, the 10er includes a livers skewer and chicken NECK. All were very good, IMO.

    2. Sakura House on Washington in Culver City is my favorite; a close second is Koshiji in JTown.

      1. Other than sushi there isn't a bunch of good Japanese food in the Valley. Or so my wife's network of ex-pats says. J-Town, Sawtelle, or the South Bay would be the places to look.

        1. Kushiyu.

          Try their Nira Tsukune - Chicken with Japanese chive Kushiyaki

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            Yes kushiyu is pretty much it in the valley.

          2. Not in SFV but in West LA:

            Katana (warning: scene central)

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              11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 101
              Los Angeles, CA 90064-1652
              Phone: (310) 479-5400