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Dec 13, 2008 04:58 PM

Christmas Eve dinner in SF Valley

I'm looking for a good Christmas Eve dinner in the Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank area. Any suggestions?

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  1. One of the prettiest dining rooms in the Valley is the Bistro Garden. Here's a link to their Christmas Eve menu.

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      Have to say....respectfully....I find the food here pretty awful. I'd always found it so....but recently a dear friend had a birthday party here. We ordered off the menu. A few of us, who knew the reputation of the restaurant, thought a Cobb salad might be safe. It was the worst Cobb I've ever had. Actually, it may have been the worst salad I've ever had. Swiss cheese. I swear. Not blue....but Swiss. The room is nice....IF you bring your own food. I asked the waiter if they had a French rose. He said they did. He brought swill. I'd check into Ca del Sol....which is lovely....or Cafe Pinot......very good.