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Dec 13, 2008 04:41 PM

Sunday Dinner In New Orleans

I have read this topic before, but so many of the replies are NOT open Sunday that I hoped others might offer leads ... I know Muriels is open, but I was hoping for more "joints" or less touristy places. Don't wing it, as the previous answers to this question from another member were 80% wrong.

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  1. one of my favorite places to eat on Sundays is Dante's Kitchen on Dante street off river road. The menu is small but the food is really good!

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      My CBD chef son concurs with localfoodie. He has Dante's Kitchen on our list of places that he wants us to try over our visit to Nola for 12 days beginning this Thurs. I know Dante's is a regular stop for him and many "in the business" who have Sunday night off and want to eat well on a more modest budget. This is second hand, but reliable information. Also dear foodie friends from NYC ate there recently and loved it too.

    2. Most rest. located in hotels are open Sundays eg. Rambla, Cafe Adelaide, Mila, Luke, the Rib Room....Brennan rest. are open 7 days. Cafe Giovanni, GW Fins, August, Port o Call, Mandinas, Parkway, Lola's. Possibly Liuzza BTT, Fiorella's, Vincent's.

      1. J'Anita's is open on Sundays, as are Patois and Cafe Atchafalaya. have eaten at all 3 on a Sunday at brunch/lunch...just not all in one day ;-)
        Martinique is also open for brunch and dinner on Sundays.
        St. James Cheese 11-4 on Sundays.

        also, in New Orleans, lunch on Sundays is often referred to as Sunday Dinner.
        are you looking for lunch or supper?