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Dec 13, 2008 03:05 PM

Bizarre Food Japan 12/9/08

I believe this is a new episode. I didn't really get all excited until Andrew arrived in Okinawa and was invited to try someone's home cooking. Bitter melon is commonly used in Chinese cooking. Although I've never had it with pork, tofu, and eggs, it looked delicious. And those big tuna eyeballs. I was always grossed out by little eyeballs as a kid but if I ever go to Okinawa, I'll have to try that eyeball soup.

The sea snake soup also looked great. We've been to markets in third world countries and the smell from the attached restaurants are always so tempting but we dare not eat for fear of losing our bowels. I would love to go to Naha and find that market although I don't think I would touch raw goat balls.

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  1. I have not finished watching the show, maybe halfway through and stopped around the eyeballs and sea eel eating place.

    But can some discerning chowhound tell us whether that action shot of some sushi chef slicing tuna and making tuna sushi, is Mizutani-san of Sushi Mizutani in Tokyo? Only lasted a few seconds. Maybe the crew didn't want to film Sukiyabashi Jiro since Bourdain at there already.

    The bitter melon dish I had a variation of it at a Japanese restaurant in Taipei. The dish is called Goya Champuru and is a very homey and tasty dish (the bitter melon actually isnt' that bitter), and also quite popular in Taiw an with some variations on the receipe. Goes superb with rice and drink.

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      I haven't seen the show, but here's a photo of Mr. Mizutani in his natural habitat.