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Trying to find a good Americanized Chinese Place

OK, I adnmit it. My taste buds were shot of in private school. Too much mystery meat. \

My first Chinese food find was the Snow Pea in Lakewood. Now that I've moved North I am looking for a good Americanized Chinese place in Coppell, Carrollton, or Lewisville.

Thanks, Well Fed

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  1. My favorite American Chinese place is Lover's Eggroll. I believe there are locations in Lewisville and Irving.

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      second annkor26's motion , since Lover's Eggroll has tasty food .

    2. Pan Acean in Coppell isn't bad for Americanized Chinese food.

      1. Wow, the most Americanized Chinese food that I know of , that also has the plus of being in a lovely setting, with great drinks to boot, is PF Changs, and you will find it not far from Carrollton, off the Dallas North Tollway at Frankford....You will like it, as most do..

        1. Empress of China is pretty good, I've only been to the one in Valley Ranch, but I believe there are a few others around as well

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            I second Empress of China-I was at the Valley Ranch location for lunch yesterday-such good food. Try the Orange Chicken, General Tso's Chicken, Kung Pao, and Garlic Chicken-they have great, affordable lunch specials.

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              I had a very memorable experience at Empress of China that caused me to call the health department ... just sayin'.

            2. I live in Flower Mound which isn't far from you. At the intersection of FM 407 and Morriss Road (technically I think this is the starting point of Highland Village) there is a Cafe 407 behind the Wendy's and Empress of China behind Burger King. Both are excellent. For dining in i'd choose Empress of China, it's very snazzy inside. Cafe 407 is our favorite for takeout. Our favorite dishes from each:

              Cafe 407 - sesame chicken, mongolian beef, cashew chicken
              Empress of China - sauteed fish with black bean sauce, sesame chicken, pecan chicken, mongolian beef

              I have recently been converted to 1st Chinese BBQ in Carrollton though, it can be a little intimidating because it's so authenticly chinese and have such a massive menu, but I can recommend the Young Chow Fried Rice, Beef Flat Noodle, BBQ Pork and Wonton Soup.




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                Glad to see you made the switch over to First Chinese BBQ!

              2. Taste Of Asia, Lewisville is the place to eat!

                TAO is the new kid on the block, but they're really popular in Forth Worth.

                They have everything you need there. Sushi, Chinese, Thai, etc... The service is awesome and the food even better. Everything is fresh and delicious.

                Try it once and you're hooked!

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                  I tried TOA several weeks ago and was loking forward to it. Unfortunately the service was bad, food down right awful and the menu needs to be condensed so there aren't any misteps in flavor profiles (i.e. the nuoc mam cham needs fish sauce not watered down soy). If they stuck to one cuisine or the other it would be fine but trying too many cuisines you are doomed from the get go.

                  I got a seemingly inane Vietnamese noodle dish with chicken but it lacked any flavor, the chicken skewers (menu said nothing of skewers) were overcooked and dry, not to mention the waitress failed to warn they were skewers since no appearant skewer was visible; a safety misstep, and the portion was a bit skimpy for the $8 price tag. My friend had the spicy Korean noodles (not any spice detectable) and had to ask for sriracha, which the waitress was not sure what we were asking for.

                  They might be better in Fort Worth but they have a long way to go before they can hang with even Yummy Egg Roll for Americanized dishes in Lewisville.

                  Yummy Egg Roll in Lewisville
                  Secret Recipe in Carrollton
                  Hong Kong Royal in Carrollton (has a lot of authentic dishes but also Americanzied)
                  Would be the ones I would recommend if you wanted a locally owned small business.

                2. My suggestion would to be go to the authentic Chinese places around town and order your old time americanized favorites. You'll see they do a pretty damn good job.

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                    Good idea. For instance, at First Chinese BBQ in Richardson where the food is 100% authentic Cantonese, you won't find egg rolls or any "Chinese" appetizers or desserts. But, all the soups like their incredible won-ton soup and wonderful noodle dishes both, deep fried or stir fried are soooooo much better than the Americanized Chinese restaurants. Check the link to their website for locations and menus. But remember, bring cash. No credit cards accepted!
                    Good call, DFDubster!

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                      Was at FCBBQ on Greenville last night. Seafood Cruncy Noodles, Crispy Chicken with Lemongrass, Beef with Snow Peas Bamboo Shoots and Black Mushrooms, and Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce. For two people! All of it was wonderful and needless to say there was plenty to take home.

                      I did have some food envy, though, when I saw the Peking Duck delivered to the table next to me. Usually, I find this dish underwhelming but it looked very good last night.

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                        Hmm, I wonder if that was you we saw ordering all that food (for 2 people) next to us. We were (2 guys) in a booth and also saw the Peking duck being delivered to the large round table in the back. Although we had the roast duck last night, I've had the Peking duck there and found it quite good!
                        FCBBQ serves it with the little split rice flour buns but personally, I prefer Peking duck with the "crepes" some places serve it with.

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                          At First Chinese BBQ the Spicy Seafood Combo (Squid,Shrimp & Scallop) is quite delicious. Never had such tender squid. Makes me dance for joy. the ladies that wait on you are very accomodating and even funny.

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                            As a "regular" thats been eating at FCBBQ at least once to twice a week for over 20 years, I'm very familiar with the menu. The roast duck is my favorite but I also love, the clams in ginger green onion sauce, the black cod fish served with steamed mustard greens, the shrimp and eggs, crispy pork chops, roast pig, and, the roast pig ribs, (both with crispy skin) crispy shrimp (out of the shell), and, on and on and on...... But, I won't eat, innards!

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                              And you get them in the hot pot ... luckily I had a dining companion who would trade with me. I don't do tripe!!!

                  2. Bobo China off of 635 and Plano Rd. Been there forever. Also, Canton in Richardson off of Greenville and Beltline. They have an American menu, but mostly Chinese eat there. It's obviously Cantonese.

                    1. pei wei?Tam's Eggroll off forest lane is pretty good too.