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Dec 13, 2008 02:57 PM

new to the area...good sushi @ queen/bathurst?

i just moved to the queen/bathurst area and i'm lookin for good sushi?

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  1. searching on this site needed....thanks

    1. Closest one I can think of is Blowfish.

      668 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M7, CA

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      1. re: Googs

        there's a great place on king just east of strachan- sorry, the name escapes me at the moment....i think there are numbers in it.
        It is a tiny place, no real city area, but the sushi is excellent!

          1. re: Edith S

            i've eaten at both Sushi Marche and Sushi 930 and I think they're roughly on par with each other. I compare them because the formats are similar - i.e take-out sushi only. There were rice issues listed here before but last time i had sushi there (about 2 months ago?) the rice was spot on.

            Make sure that the chef knows you're adventurous and that you'd like an omakase platter. Set a price and chat with him a bit to get the best bang for your buck. I did a $50 plate for two and got a fantastic set of sushi including some great horse mackerel and regular mackerel.

            1. re: CoffeeAddict416

              i had his rice about 2 months or so back as well and found it still lacking but with some improvement. i was actually impressed with his uni, while still not top notch it was better than most of the uni i've had recently... kumai, zen, michi included but it is hard to say if that was norm or just a lucky batch.

        1. re: Googs

          Blowfish is a trendier spot. I've been twice after having a so-so first visit. The dishes tend to be hit and miss, and the music a bit loud, if you're trying to carry on an actual conversation with your dinner partner.

          There's a sushi joint on King, just East of Atlantic Avenue/Liberty Village area. I believe it's called Sushi 903 or something like that...anyone else help me out?

          1. re: KayceeK

            Well there ya go. One high-end trendy spot and one casual spot. What else does one need within walking distance?

            1. re: Googs

              There is a place on the north side of Queen just east of Niagara. I can't place the name. But I have been given takeout from there a couple of times. Good rolls. I think the spicy tuna is really tasy, but an odd texture. Good tempura stuff. Priced pretty cheap. And even thought it does not seem that busy, the fish seemed pretty fresh. There is only one place there.

                1. re: pancake

                  Aji Sai is both pretty new and on the south side of the street. There's another place on the north side of the street. Google Maps lists I Love Sushi at 494 Queen, which sounds about right. We ate there (assuming it's the right place) a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was decent but we weren't knocked out by it either. Same with Aji Sai, although I try to avoid AYCE anything.

        2. Toshi is not too far away at King, west of Portland.

          1. Sushi Time! Blow fish is not bad if you're in the mood for a treat - but for tuesday night sushi Sushi time is hard to beat - on south side of Queen between Peter and John