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Dec 13, 2008 02:52 PM

Fiesta Brava in Hightstown, NJ

I was driving by and saw this Mexican place called Fiesta Brava. Address is 107 Franklin St. in Hightstown, NJ.

Has anybody there?

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  1. When I went there a few years ago, the food was pretty bad, and the place had a very weird vibe. However, my wife noted just a few days ago that the place apparently has changed hands - It is now Ecuadorian and Mexican, and it's packed. Will try soon.

    1. Have not tried Fiesta Brava yet - Ecuadorian and Mexican Food.
      Did stop in to pick up a menu. They spoke little to no english here.
      They have lots of fish on the menu.

      Also in Hightstown NJ:

      Buen Gusto Bakery
      118 Main Street Hightstown NJ - Salvadorian and Mexican Food
      They have lots of breads and bakery items but also a full menu, including Pupusas.
      They have excellent communication skills.

      A few doors down is
      Guate Pan
      106 Main Street
      Hightstown NJ
      Guatemalean Latin American Bakery - Other locations in Trenton and Hamilton
      This bakery is wonderful! Clean.
      Excellent communication Skills
      Full line of Sweet Breads - Conchas - Champurradas - Cortadas - Rocas - Hojaldras - Cachitos and Mucho Mas!

      Tried a crescent moon shaped sweet bread that was wonderful!
      Banana Bread Pudding Cake - Good

      Plan on returning one morning for Huevos Rancheros from Buen Gusto and some hot bread from Guate Pan. Parking is not always easy here but did find a spot right in front of the stores.