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Dec 13, 2008 02:49 PM

Liver: Still Good?

I took some lamb liver out of the freezer on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and defrosted it on the lowest shelf of the fridge, approximate temperature 4-5C. It's in cryovac. Do you think it's still fit for human consumption? I was thinking of making a casserole tomorrow. (I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested.)

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  1. According to Betty Crocker, hell yeah. It's for lamb, mind you, not lamb liver. In any case, stored at 36-40 F it should last 3-5 days. I think more people would be interested in your recipe if you survive your dinner. Good luck.

    1. It probably took 48 hours to defrost so it should be fine.

      1. If it's cryovac'd you have a week at 35-40F. Now that's a conservative figure, erring on the side of every caution. And yes, would you please post the recipe?

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        1. re: RI Swampyankee

          The note is not only to you, but also to Chowhound . . . . just an FYI . . . the word "cryovac'd", should not be used in this phrase. The word is "vacuum packaged". You can call Cryovac(Sealed Air) the company, and they will tell you that the correct Wording is "Vacuum - Packaged". Cryovac's competitors also call it vacuum packaged.

          Secondly, the one gentlemen (I think its the editor) at Chowhound tells peole he is well versed in the meat processing idustry, however, he too does not understand this packaging arena in meat processing.

          Hope this was helpful. . . .All the Best . . .

          Other words to compare. I would like a Klennex, not really, you are asking for a tissue, it may be the Klennex brand.

          I would like to use Clorax to clean my shirt, you really want bleach, it may be the Clorax brand. You get it . . . . .

          1. re: Tom Muller

            Point taken, Tom. I should know better. If my meatcutting teacher were to see my post, he'd change my grade ;-)

            Now that that's settled, a question. Is there a hyphen in anal retentive?


        2. Bad, bad ,definitely bad! You have to send it to me immediately.

          I would like your recmipe as well!!!!

          And, how have you been?