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Dec 13, 2008 02:35 PM

Strategy? AKA - how to please the mother-in-law

For Christmas dinner I'm getting a 5 lb. boneless rib eye roast (choice grade). I've already scanned the boards for recipe ideas which are so helpful.

But I'm unsure about what to do for this situation: I like my beef med-rare, my husband & FIL like medium. But my MIL will only eat well done.

I seem to have a few options, but I'd like some feedback about the options.

1) Should I just start with a high temperature roast and then drop it? This seems to be a method to get varied doneness, but I'm worried I would over cook the whole roast.

2) Or should I cut the roast into 2 pieces and just over cook one of them to satisfy the MIL?

3) Cook the roast to med-rare/ medium-ish & let it rest, then cut off portions for MIL and put them back in the oven to cook to well done.

Thoughts on the best way to get this done? Other options? What would you do?


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  1. I think I would cut off her portion before cooking, so that you can properly sear the ends of the piece the rest of you will be eating.

    1. Sear the meat, then place it in a rectangular pan with one end right up against the edge. Put that end of the pan right next to the oven wall, which is hotter than the center of the oven. This should yield a roast that is well-done at one end, and gets rarer toward the other end. I suggest this because one of the ways to deal with the differing optimal temperatures of white and dark meat on roast chicken is to put the pan in the oven with the neck facing the back of the oven, cooking with the pan to the far left for half the time, and the far right the other half.

        1. Cook the roast to your liking, then nuke the MIL's slice.

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            Exfrigginactly! And MIL and everyone else will appreciate the effort.

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              Yes. Cook the roast to the temperature the majority will enjoy; then slice off an nice MIL piece and microwave (covered) for the minute or so it will take to finish hers to perfection.

            2. I've dealt with this for several years and option #2 is really the best way to go, but have your butcher separate the roast into two portions for you. This will result in a better piece of well done {{{{shudder}}}} prime rib and be easiest for you. In years past we have microwaved the meat for our well done guests and they lack the palate to be bothered by it but the result really is pretty gross and I was embarrassed serving it.

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                But it need not be micro-waved. The MIL piece can be finished off under the salamander.