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Jade Garden Hartsdale, any info?

was driving along in Hartsdale last Thurs and couln't help noticing that there was the sign for a new Chinese resturaunt in Hartsdale, called the Jade Garden. (in the place where the tea hose that sold the world art was, across from the (now of of Business Barnes and Noble and the (also now out of business) Carvel, just past Ninjiya (the Japanese supermarket). It doesnt seem to be anyting more than a sign at the momen but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything like when they expect to open for business. Also since this is the spot where the Chen's Jade Palace was (it think) I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about them getting any of the old cooking staff back (from what I understand, when the Palace closed (after that labor issue) the staff largely split between Central Seafood (in Hartsdale) and Aberdeen (in White Plains).

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  1. Is this the place that's going in where the Carvel was? I saw they are tearing the place down and putting in some type of asian place. I think it was a Hibachi joint. Also, any idea how that japanese place is on central ave in that funky little building across from the carvel? I think the name is fujinoya but not positive. I drive past and keep saying i want to try it. cool looking building. hopefully the food and rest of the experience measures up.

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      jumpingmonk, are you saying something is coming in where Global Gatherings was? That would be nice. Yes, I do believe you are right about it being the original spot of Jade Palace -- that was quite a few years ago!

      da4141, I ate at Fujinoya with my Japanese daughter-in-law, who thought very well of the food --as did I, but with less expertise. It was a year ago, so I don't remember what I had, but I remember I liked my meal.

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        It is goining into the global gatherings spot. I think Jade Palace owns the building and they may be going back there with a new name.

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          Yes, kaaasss, Jade Palace was in the building where Global Gatherings was. I remember having a horrid meal at JP (my choice, though, squid and more squid, it was disgusting), so I'm not anxious to run back.

          da4141, I would be very upset if Fujinoya is leaving, but I don't think it is.

          A hibachi place where the dear departed Carvel was? Blech, I hate hibachi.

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            Someone just told me that was the original Carvel location. Is that true? If so, I'm shocked. You'd think the company would make that store like a museum. (Not that I'm a fan of Carvel ice cream.) I'm not crazy about Hibachi either. The food is always so bland. I'm going to hit that Fujinoya place this week. Everyone seems to say it's solid.

    2. My recollection is that it used to be called David's Jade Palace. Before David ran into legal problems the food was very good. Is David coming back?

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        No idea, I'm only report as I heard and saw. I actually sorta hope that the new resturaunt doesn't try to get back the Jade palace chefs, not becuse I don't think they would be good but besue I'm worried about the effect on the area. The spot in question is awfully close to Central Seafood, and I'm just a little worried that if the new place tries for the same sector of the Chinese food market (everyone raved about the Jade Garden's dim sum, so I (who never actually got to go there) assume that the menu was in a similar vein to Central Seafood and Aberdeen). Both resturants will end up suffering and both may go under (I know Centrals been there nearly forever (replacing the Hunan Garden, I beieve) but no resturaunt is incaapble of being driven out of business). I like Central Seafood. and would hate to see it go.

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          If only they'd listen to the hungry masses and open a Vietnamese place!

      2. I see that I am a few days late to this party. I too was driving by the location of Global Gatherings when I saw the sign change. Which is why I came here.

        I will stop by there, in a day or two, in order to see if there in any info posted on door.

        In Re.: Carvel location just up/across the street: While building is still up, some ground prep is going on. Could be awhile before hibachi place opens up.

        And just as there are at least four pizza places even closer together, IF this is the return of Jade Palace as we remember it, it is not that close to other simular places.

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          Drove by last night. New sign says something about serving dim sum all day.

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            I dropped by tonight, Wednesday Dec 24th and found out that they had started a cold opening on Tuesday, Dec 23rd.
            Yes-They are open for business BON!
            Very large/big menu that looks a bit like old one.
            Dave is NOT around as, per conversation I had with a man who seemed to be a PTB, he is in hidding. From US Government. Tax matters it seems.

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              Based on the above I decided to actually go to the resturaunt today (my theory, which proved to be correct was that if anywhere on earth would be guaranteed to be open on Chrismas Day, I would be a Chinese Resturaunt, particulary one which had just opened.) I arrived at just before 12 on more or less a blind guess (The Place is so new its number isnt even listed with the phone company yet!) To discover it was already open (it opens at 11:30) In the interest of brevity I decied to make my order Take-out (as did the only other group of people there, a Family of three) The place is spacios, much more so than the Global Gatherings tea shop before it (but then this place doesnt have to keep a store in the front!) decor is a bit minimal at the moment, but this is most likey a case of them not getting thier decor objects yet, and its kind of referssing to go into an upscale chinese resturaunt that does keep it simple. Oddly given the fact that they advertise serving dim sum all day, the place does not seem to have a sepereate dim sum menu. (I actually did see a dim sum menu in the resturant while i waited for my food, but somewhat strangely it was from Pagoda, the resturaunt about a block further along, maybe they were using it as a template for what sort of dished they should be offering) But as I was in the market for actual lunch this was not a big deal okay now onto what everyone really want to hear about, what food I ordered and what I though of it.

              Scallion Pancakes-sorta mixed opinon. The flavor (an intrigun slight note under the scallions perhaps a touch of five spice powder), consistencey (I like my scallion pancakes a litte soft or gluntinous, rather than bready) and outer crispness were all quite acceptable. The only downside in fact was that the pancake (there's only one per order) was rather over oily, and in fact i gagged sligtly on the last bite or so from the grease. Maybe this will imporve as they get up to speed.)

              Fried shrimp Ball-Not at all bad though not all that different from the ones you would get at comperable nearby places like Central Seafood or Aberdeen.

              Minced Beef w. Chnese Parsley soup AKA "West Lake Soup"-Once again not the best version I've had but perfectly decent. This soup also laid to rest my fears (baed on the dim sum menu) that this place was Pagoda moved (I havent been near Pagoda for a while, so I had no way of knowing if it was still in business). Once I saw the soup however I was relived as the soup looked like perfect normal West Lake soup (I'll make no bones about it, I think the Pagoda West Lake soup is wierd and rather unpleasant)

              Salt Baked Spicy Calamari- What is usally listed as "Salt and Pepper Squid" on menus. Once again I've had a few better versions, (mostly in Chinatown), but this was a perfect good rendition; you could actually taste the salt and seasonings and the hot peppers were appopriately subdued.

              Hong Kong Style Mai Fun Noodle-It turs out that this is the Jade Garden version of the dish that, in Chinatown is usally called "Tai-Pang Mai Fun" (If you've ever had Central Seafood's "Royal Seafood Mixed rice Noodles, this is more or less the same thing). This was the ony thing I ordered I really didn't care for, but this is mainly because I really don't like Tai-Pan Mai Fun, (I find it a bit fishy for my taste and have never really got used to the dried shrimp, squid and scallops that are often added). However I am not going to faut them for this, as it was my error for not asking (I must have though "Taiwan Mai Fun" not "Hong Kong Mai Fun") and I believe it would be a bit churlish of me to claim that a dish was made badly if I would not have liked the dish even if it was made well. Besides the fact that the noodled did contain actual Chinese pickled cabbage bodes well, as it man there is a good chance that, the next time I go, I may be able to ask them if they can make Ha Moon (Xia min, Amoy) Mai fun which I like a great deal.

              In conclsiun I am reasonably statisfied, and I feel that, once they get over a few opening teething issues, Jade Garden will be a fine addtion to the Hartsdale Chinese scene.

              1. re: jumpingmonk

                Thank you jumpingmonk for your report.
                I did pick-up take-out menu while I was there the other day:
                Hours Sun-Thursday: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM
                Fri-Saturday: 11:30 AM-10:30 PM
                Phone: (914) 288-0081
                156 South Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530
                No web site address indicated.

                BTB: As of last week, Pagoda is still around and in business.

                1. re: Jon1856

                  Good, since one of the few side benefits of the trip was that I have now seen the Pagoda dim sum menu, and will be making the point, the next time I am in the vicity during appropriate hours, of poppoing by and trying a few things (I am always on the lookot for somewhere in westchester that does a good pan fried shrimp and chive "cake" (what is referred to by pagoda as a "leek box"

                  1. re: jumpingmonk

                    Perhaps soneone else here may recall better than I but somehow I recall that Dave and two other men where involved in several Asian restaurants including Pagoda and Jade.
                    Now I wish I had a longer converstion with the gent I sw at Jade Garden the other night. He did say that he knew Dave. I just did not ask any followw-up questions at the time.
                    The could be a partner-ship with Pagoda simular to Seasons and Bao's in WP.

                    1. re: Jon1856

                      Jon1856, I am a fan of Bao's but know nothing about Seasons. What kind of partnership is this? I am curious.

                      1. re: VFresser

                        Perhaps I should have said "partnership"/"relationship" jumpingmonk in both cases. I am not sure just what the relationship is between Bao's and Seasons, just that there is some kind of link between them.
                        Run ads with each other. And while I do recall reading something about it, I just do not recall what it was.
                        Seasons is located on the Ave. across from Splendes'. Japanese Bistro

                        And getting back to OP subject, I think or wonder if there is some connection between Jade and Pagoda.

                        Something I will ask, in a polite mannor, when I go and check it out myself.

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                        We first met David when he was located in the small shopping center next to the A&P. He then moved his restaurant to the large one that later became Global Gatherings. Then he got in tax trouble... Pagoda opened in the small one by the A&P--but I never thought it was associated with David--however it was his old location.

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                          I believe David and the Pagoda people (and probably the new restaurant people) were all with the original Pagoda in Eastchester .

                          1. re: Westjanie

                            That is just what I recall/my thoughts as well.
                            The original Pagoda was where EMS is now located.

          2. Had dim sum there this weekend. First, they have actual soup dumplings! Most of what we had were dumpling-ish items, mostly steamed. Everything was good. Regular menu looks interesting and includes some items not generally found, even at Central Seafood and Aberdeen. Staff were, in some cases, a bit challenged in English language skills, but service was at all times gracious and efficient (Of course, there were only a few tables occupied.) Staff were trying very hard and were clearly wanting to please. Overheard a reply to another patron's question that David is acting as a "consultant."

            I know there have been a lot of complaints on this Board about a lack of Vietnamese restaurants and an overabundance of Japanese or pan-Asian ones, but I am feeling quite happy that I now have a choice of 3 (maybe 4, including Pagoda) really good Chinese (assuming Jade Garden keeps up to its promise) plus my favorite Japanese (Fujinoya) and Thai (Tangerine in Tuckahoe) within easy driving distance.

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              Hmmm, sounds worth a try, Westjanie. We were going to do Bao's, but might try David's instead. Thanks. Dim sum with a free parking lot, how can you beat that?

              1. re: Westjanie

                My complaint is there is an overabundance of Japanese pan-Asian restaurants within blocks of each other in White Plains with more opening monthly. On my count there are 11 now and I'm sure I'm missing some....

                1. re: kaaaassss

                  Japanese pan-Asian restaurants??

                  I think you mean Chinese-owned serving poor imitation of other Asian cuisines!!

                  1. re: pabboy

                    There is no distinguising anymore since there really are so few good ones..
                    Usually the help is bussed to the restaurant in vans.

                    1. re: pabboy

                      For what it's worth (not much, actually), Hito in White PLains is Japanese owned or, certainly, run. But our experience with their non-Japanese/Chinese dishes has not been good.

                  2. re: Westjanie

                    What's good to order at Pagoda's? I was there a long time ago and thought their food was sort of Americanized. I also ordered from their Chinese menu one time and I didn't like what I ordered. But perhaps there are dishes they specialized in that's good?

                    1. re: bearmi

                      The chef at Pagoda left over a year ago. He's cooking at a place on Kissena in Flushing. The food at Pagoda has not been the same quality since.

                      1. re: pabboy

                        Thanks. That probably explains the decline in quality.... sigh...

                  3. I may try the new Jade Garden place tonight, especially after seeing that some people have tried it. Also, I ate at Fujinoya once before and have to say that I MUCH prefer E-Sushi right nearby on Hartsdale Avenue - it replaced Kazu a few months back. They have great sushi and the Bento Boxes are my favorite. Anyone else go to e-sushi?

                    1. We went to the Jade Garden on the 2nd, and were very pleased. With children, we started with the dim sum sampler and for entrees tried the pork fried rice, shrimp with lobster sauce, and the ginger and scallion dungeness crab. The rice was excellent, and the shrimp with lobster sauce was very good. The crab was outstanding. The dumpling and shu mai were very good in the dim sum appetizer. I especially appreciated that all the dumplings had thin and delicate wrappers and not thick and chewy ones. From the menu, it seems that Central Seafood may have more dim sum choices, but what we had was excellent. The service was first rate. Very anxious to please. We will definitely return.

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                      1. re: jwg

                        Just ate there tonight, and we thought it was great. Everything was very tasty and fresh. The service was a little shaky, but not bad overall. No liquor license, but that is coming - until then, you can bring wine. The only thing is, it was pretty quiet for a Friday night - I hope business picks up. I don't want another empty restaurant on Central.

                        1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                          I agree with your thoughts/wishes.
                          As for why quite on a Friday:
                          Below 10 degress out side.
                          New place, doing a cold opening during the slowest time of the year.

                          I too hope matters change.

                          1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                            We have been doing take out from Bao's pretty much once a week for a while now, and while it is the place we currently like best, it has been a little off lately. Maybe we just need to mix it up a bit. Next week we will try Jade Garden and see how it compares. Will report back.

                            1. re: valerie

                              >>Bao's........ it has been a little off lately.

                              Rats. Realllllly? I HATE reading stuff like this.

                              1. re: dolores

                                Not to worry, I don't really think its them. My husband is not the most adventurous and my young kids are perfectly happy with chicken and broccoli, so I think we are just in a rut of ordering the same thing every week.

                        2. I posted a review of this place but the Chow police took it down because I was trying to "advertise" my blog!!!

                          But I guess ill just talk about my experience... It was good! I can only compare it to Central Seafood because thats where me and my fam go for Dim Sum. And overall, it was better!! The only thing that I didn't like was the Leek Dumplings... it was like too doughy.

                          The Xiao Lom Bau (I know I didn't spell that right... its the soup dumplings) were SOOOO good!!! The ones at Central Seafood are unfortunately dry and icky... but Im so happy that Jade does it sooo well!

                          The Taro Puffs and the Bean Curd Skin with pork and bamboo shoots were some of my favorites!

                          To top it all off, the manager guy is hysterical and super nice and accommodating!!! Also, they have a visual menu of the Dim Sum which is really helpful for me because I tend to forget to ask for certain dishes that I like!

                          Check out my blog for pics!!! (My blog link is on my profile :-)

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                            We had a very good dim sum experience a few weeks ago, which I wrote about above. Then, last week we decided to try it for dinner. The food was still very good, but we had a significantly bad service-related experience. It seemed to be mostly a problem with our particular server, but I suspect that the kitchen was also contributing (based on overheard conversations at a nearby table with a different server.) At some point the powers that be at the restaurant realized that we were sitting there twirling our chopsticks without any food for quite a while (and then with the wrong dish) and stepped in to correct the situation and gave us a significant discount for our trouble. We'll be back, but probably not for a bit.

                            1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                              Yeah, I had the leek dumplings too, last Thursday. I agree they are a little flat, though I still think thiers are better than Cernal seafoods (which are often so undergooked it's like eating raw garlic chives en masse) In that meal I also tried thier crispy shrimp rolls (rather bland) and their roast pork (okay but not a lot different from the roast pork avaiable at any hole in the wall Chinese takeout, at half the price.) The salt baked pork chops however were excellent.
                              Speaking of Chive cakes I was finally in the vicinity of Pagoda today and was finally able to try thier chive dumpings. They were good, but seemed to be closer to a true chive box than the patty shaped things I'm used too. On a better note It seems that the chef they got last year has a better handle on how to make West Lake Soup than the old one. Oh the soup wasnt outstadning but It was edible, which is a lot more than can be said of the old cooks version.

                              1. re: jumpingmonk

                                do they serve their dim sum on a cart every day? thanks

                                1. re: intrepid

                                  No, Pagoda only serves on weekends between 11 and 3. Jade on the other hand does serve all day every day (they advertize the fact on thier sign) as for the cart, I've so far done takeout at both places so I really couldn't say

                                  1. re: jumpingmonk

                                    When we had dim sum at Jade Garden there was no cart -- they just brought the dishes out from the kitchen. BUT it was early on in their existence and we were only one of three occupied tables. This also ensured everything was fresh, of course.

                                    1. re: Westjanie

                                      We were there today for lunch. There were carts or you can order dim sum off the separate dim sum menu which has photos and descriptions. The wonton soup was very warm and tasty on a cold day. The spring rolls and dumplings were a little greasy. We loved the chow fun, fried rice and, expecially, the baby bok choy. The chicken soong was VERY salty and I would skip that. All in all it was a good experience and we will go back.

                            2. I saw the host and one of the cooks from Jade Garden, locking up on their way out of Red Barn Pizza (next door) tonight carrying a sack of rice back to Jade Garden?

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                              1. re: chowdom

                                I have been told that the same fellow owns both places -- but whether he was involved in the running of Red Barn or just owns the property, I haven't a clue. If there weren't any Asians serving the pizza (I was never in there), I guess they just own the combined lot.

                                1. re: Westjanie

                                  Thanks, and no they were not running Red Barn they must just own the property.

                              2. We went for dim sum brunch today. The Shanghai Soup Dumplings were some of the best we have ever had. Those who had been to Temple Garden in NYC Chinatown decades ago will know what I am talking about. Other dim sum was very good as well. Ambience was sort of "depressing" but the quality of the dim sum was worth the drab. Central Seafood has some serious competition down the Ave.

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                                1. re: wineconsul

                                  We went on Friday night. There was actually a wait, not bad, just 5 minutes. The food was entirely forgettable, except for the crispy duck, which was all too memorable as it was not good. Oh well, so there is yet another irrelevant restaurant to join the parade of mediocrity attempting to feed westchester.

                                  1. re: gordoma

                                    We went there tonight (Thursday) at 5:30 and the place was empty. The menu was extensive but with no descriptions of what the dishes consisted of. We were a bit disappointed in the food and would give it a 2 out of 5 but we will give it one more try.

                                    1. re: JohnAM

                                      We went last night at around 9. It was also pretty empty. Our impressions of the food were rather mixed. The steamed vegetable dumplings were very good, as was the diced chicken with cashews. The egg rolls were non-descript. The bbq peanut satay chicken kebabs were missing the bbq peanut satay. The sauteed asparagus my husband ordered was just awful! It had a funky metallic taste to it. My husband spoke to the server, who offered to bring my husband another dish. He ordered beef lo mein, which he enjoyed. It seems a bit hit or miss food-wise but we'll give another shot.

                                  2. re: wineconsul

                                    Is Central Seafood the restaurant all the way back in the corner in Best Buy shopping center?

                                    1. re: laylag

                                      Yes, it is right next to Best Buy.

                                      1. re: valerie

                                        I am not crazy about Central Seafood -- something about imitation crab meat mixed with cheddar cheese on an open clam shell really bothered me. We also found that in this cold weather, a lot of the items that were supposed to be warm/hot were actually cold...I hope this new place is good!

                                        1. re: Sammy Diaz

                                          Sammy, we had the same experience that the food came out of the kitchen cold.

                                    2. Almost Three month review

                                      We tried Jade Garden last night with children and mother in law in tow (plus 2 German au pairs). Everyone was very pleased with their meals and agreed that it is still a cut above the standard Chinese. Children's beef with broccoli was tender with a variety of well prepared veggies. Sauce was tasty and not so "gloppy" as others. Ditto the lo mein ordered by the Germans. The rest of us enjoyed shrimp with garlic sauce, fried chicken with garlic, and shrimp with lobster sauce/pork fried rice. Excellent snow pea shoots and again, dumplings were superior with tender wrappers. Lots of left overs to enjoy tonight.

                                      I am glad to see that almost 3 months after opening, they are doing well. Dining room was mostly filed when we left at 7:40 p.m.

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                                      1. re: jwg

                                        We were two families that attempted to go to Jade Palace 2 Sundays ago. We made a 6 pm reservation for 9 people. When our party arrived they placed us right in front by the door. When we asked for something inside (it was freezing by the door) they treated us rudely and refused. Put a fork in the place - we're done with it. We went to Central Seafood instead. When I want decent Chinese food we make the trek to Flushing.

                                        1. re: demifast

                                          We went to this place on Saturday. Not bad Chinese food at all. Service was nice and while the soup dumplings weren't up to par with say, New Green Bo, being that we are now official residents of Westchester, we'll take it!

                                      2. DW and I went yesterday for an early dinner. And were disappointed.

                                        We had the West Lake beef soup. They were using parsley rather than cilantro which cut back on the taste. The beef wasn't minced, but were in larger diced pieces and there was scallions in the soup too.

                                        For entrees we had the salt baked pork and the shreaded beef with pepper. The pork was red (not from being under cooked, but from being cooked while still partially frozen). The shredded beef had huge chunks of peppers. All in all the knife skills were not up to par.

                                        On our way out I noticed a table with the dim sum combo. The shu mai was also rather red. I'm not sure if I'm running back to try dim sum there.

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                                        1. re: ltlevy

                                          The pink/red meat you saw and ate was because they added sodium nitrite. It's a common practice in many Chinese restaurants. The thought is the red is more appetizing than the gray/beige color cooked meat turns to. Would you eat gray corned beef??

                                          1. re: pabboy

                                            I'm aware of sodium nitrite and would probably be put off by gray corned beef. But, I've eaten salt baked pork at numerous restaurants, both here in Westchester and Flushing. I've never seen red coming through the fried coating until Jade Palace.

                                            1. re: ltlevy

                                              Interesting Itlevy-I recall seeing "red" from the very first time I ever went to a Chinese Restaurant. And that was many years ago..........

                                              1. re: Jon1856

                                                If you're talking about roast pork, then yes, red. But not other types of pork dishes.

                                              2. re: ltlevy

                                                Whoa! Red coming through the fried coating? That just doesn't sound right. I'll comment on Jade Garden when I make my way there eventually.

                                                1. re: ltlevy

                                                  That sounds really scary. Did you try to ask the waiter to take it back to the kitchen and cook the food again? I was thinking of going to Jade Palace but now I am afraid to go based on what you have described. From what I gather here, it's definitely not cheap and if the food is not good.. I might be better off going to Flushing or Manhattan Chinatown instead.

                                                  1. re: bearmi

                                                    As my DW puts it, it was red because it wasn't totally defrosted before cooking. It was cooked through, but because of it being somewhat frozen while cooking it retained the red coloring. It also had the taste of frozen rather than fresh meat.

                                                    She didn't send it back, just helped me eat my entree and took it home to add to ramen noodles for a quick meal.

                                                    1. re: ltlevy

                                                      R.I.P.? Parking lot empty, sign on the door (which alas, I did not read as I saw it as I was driving by). Anyone know what's up?

                                                      1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                                        Don't know Just called them, and the message was "number not in service" . I may just be a "closed ofr repairs" but I tend to doubt it. as they don't usally cancel the phone for short term repairs and (barring an accident) they're too new to need major ones. I think It finally succumbed to being too close to Central.

                                                        1. re: jumpingmonk

                                                          Additional update. I may have found where the staff of David's has gone. While wandering around Yonker's today, I saw that one of the resturaunts (the one in the little strip mall, right next to the giant Nathans/TCBY/Arthur Traecher) had chaged names. The Golden Wok was gone now the place was called Hartsdale Garden (A significant name considering 1. That was the name of the place that was where Central Seafood is now and 2. I dont think we were still in Hartsdale (not sure where the village line is). Curios I went in to pict up a menu, At first I was read to then walk out since, apart from the chage of name the menu looked like the old Golden Wok one. Then I turned it over. On the back is a second version of the menu (Marked Exotic Hong Kong style) which reads more like Central Seafood/Jade palace I ended ordering three things to whit

                                                          West Lake Soup-not bad and seems to be being made inthe Jade Palace's style, with the thick layer of chopped scallions on top.

                                                          Amoy Mai Fun - actually a bit better than Central Seafood's version, and some evidence that at least one chef probably came over from there (Jade place never had Amoy mai fun)

                                                          Salt and pepper snails- I actually didnt get to eat a lot of this since 1. I was ordering takeout 2. I had never orderd snails in a Chinese resturant 3. I didn;t realize they would be served with the shells still on them and 4. I didn't know that no untensil for getting the snails out of the shell would be provided (I manged to get one or two out with the end of a chopstick/ a toothpic/a nutpick but after three untensils I decided what I was gettin out of the snails tastewise wasnt worth the effort , especially since most of the flavor was staying with the shells on the outside (same proablem I have with shell on crab/lobster dishes) howeve rbease on the taste of the outside of the shells (at one point I tried sucking the snails out) the next time I got there, I'll try the salt a pepper squid which if is uses the same batter, will be incredible)
                                                          I wanted to top off with am order of ship and chive cakes but they were out. I think I'll go back sometime though.

                                                          1. re: jumpingmonk

                                                            didn't jade palace open only a few months ago in the old global gatherings space?

                                                              1. re: valerie

                                                                opened and closed, hence my "staff moved here" guesses

                                                            1. re: jumpingmonk

                                                              The owner of current Hartsdale Garden in Yonkers is the same as the old Hartsdale Garden in Hartsdale. The manager was a waiter at Pagoda. We had dim sum there a few months ago. The owner and waiter knew us so I figure we would get some decent food. Unfortunately it was horrible. Nothing tasted right. I have not gone back and I doubt I ever will.

                                                              1. re: pabboy

                                                                Pabboy, you mentioned three restaurants (Hartsdale Garden in Yonkers, Hartsdale Garden in Hartsdale and Pagoda), then said you had a horrible meal "there." Can you be more specific about which location and what was wrong, please?

                                                                1. re: surman

                                                                  Hartsdale Garden in Yonkers. It'll be had to go to Hartsdale Garden in Hartsdale no?

                                                                  I should've posted a report after the meal. I don't remember all that was wrong now. Only recollection was every dim sum item was BAD as in wrong flavor, no flavor, poor quality ingredient, undercooked, or overcooked. Spare ribs was all fat and undercooked. Hargaw skin was thick as regular dumpling and they put some fresh herbs in with the shrimp that was very odd. They used tiny shrimp in the fun rolls and the sauce had an odd flavor. Both the "salt water dumpling" and the fried taro crisp stuffing tasted odd as well. Basically I did not take a second helping of anything. Neither did anyone else at the table.

                                                          2. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                                            Updated status:
                                                            While driving by, we saw a new Red letter posted in both doors.

                                                            It was a Stop Work Order from Town of Greenburg Building Deptl
                                                            Seems as if they were, in truth, doing renovation work to location-as per prior letter/note posted on doors.

                                                            And looking inside, I saw some demo work had been done.
                                                            Just seems as if not all the I's and T's had been crossed-something that happans more than you would think that is should.

                                                2. They are open again...let's see how it goes this time!

                                                  1 Reply
                                                  1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                                                    I finally got around to re-trying them now that they have reopened. Despite the format, the menu appers to be more or less the same in terms of offerings as it was before. In terms of the food I have to confess I was a little bit ambivalent. The Beef and chinese parsley (which I had had back before the closing as weel) is still good and adequate but is more or less the same, in terms of quality as Central Seafoods, or Aberdeens, and a small bit behind Hunan Garden's (though light years ahead of Hunan Village's) My main dish of squid with ginger and scallion was good, if a touch bland (but then again ginger scallion squid is a bit bland by nature). The only really serios dissapointment I had was the Shrimp Chive patties/cakes I ordered off the Dim Sum menu, perhaps becuause I had had such expectations for them. (the last time I was there they hadn't had the dim sum menu up yet so this was the first time). while undiably fresh in ingrediants I found the cakes a bit bland and tasteless, Aberdeens are much better.

                                                  2. Went there (Jade Garden) last night to try it out. We did not like Jade Palace and we dont like Jade Garden. The hot and sour soup had no taste at all, it tasted awful. I was so disappointed as I love hot and suour soup. I ordered the moo shu chicken and it was OK. My son ordered garlic chicken and it was awful, nothing like other dishes he has had of the same name. I miss K. Fungs in Hartsdale, it was the best Chinese food around. I guess I will stick with PF Changs and Pagoda for now....

                                                    12 Replies
                                                    1. re: lhodd

                                                      Try Bao's in the old White Plains mall - fresh ingredient, carfully prepared and a lovely, calm ambience.

                                                      1. re: VFresser

                                                        Plus you're only about 100 feet from Kam sen, If you decide that something you had was so delecios you like to try and cook it at home yourself !

                                                        But seriously while there are plenty of places that I can say (this place makes this well) I'm not sure therey anywhere in WC that I can point to and say ("go here, absoultely anything you order will be delicios.) Bao's stuff is pretty fresh but their menu isnt really all that much different that that of the neighborhood chinese place in terms of actual dishes. Central Seafood used to send me into raptures, but the last couple of times I've been underwhelmed, plus one the dim sum side thier shrimp chive cake has always brought tears to my eyes and not in a good way (the onion is that strong). Hunan Village II (the place in Hartsdale that replaced K. Fung's) Had/has a Shanghai wheat noodle that can be quite good provided your lucky to get the right cook (the one who know that "shaghai noodles with pork and cabbage means noodles with pork and preserved cabbge, not fresh cabbage) or remember to make the choice clear. The goose in the ginger was okay too (if not extrordinary) though they seem to have dropped it from the current menu (next time I'm down in Yonkers must see if Hunan Village I still has it).
                                                        Speaking of Yonkers If you are willing to make the trip I had found to my surpise that Hunan Garden (the place in the Tanglewood mall, just past the giant yellow Nathan's sign) is actually quite good. The ambiance is a little gloomy (since they're sandwitched between two other stores, they really don't have much in the way of windows and natural light) but the food is really tasty, incuding a salt an pepper ___ (squid, chicken snails etc.) that is in my opinion slighty better than Aberdeens (If find thiers a bit too spicy) Thier west lake soup and Ha moon mai fun are also exempleary and at Chinatown levels (not neccarily top Chinatown levels, but at least in the right range)

                                                        Central Seafood
                                                        285 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

                                                        Hunan Village II
                                                        222 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

                                                        1. re: jumpingmonk

                                                          Are you talking about the place a few doors down from CVS and Dunkin Donuts? If yes then the owner used to run Hartsdale Garden before it became Central Seafood. We were there once a few months ago when they first opened. The owners knew us and offered some extra service and special items. Unfortunately the food is horrible and we've never bothered since.

                                                          1. re: pabboy

                                                            Yes that is the place. Guess you and I had very different experiances vis a vis the food.

                                                            1. re: pabboy

                                                              Sorry you had a bad experience at Hartsdale Garden in Yonkers, pabboy. We have excellent food there week after week. I especially like getting live crab or lobster over e-fu noodles. Maybe it was just an off day, or maybe they had a different chef that one day. Why not give it a second chance :)

                                                              1. re: Crispchip

                                                                Maybe one day.

                                                                When I want Chinese I either head to Flushing or cook myself. My parents taught me well =D

                                                                1. re: Crispchip

                                                                  We ate again at Hartsdale Garden Last Night. While the food was indeed still quite good, In deference to pabboy I will say that, in some cases it is not nearly as good as it used to be. We were doing takeot (Getting all of my family to go to a resuturant and sit down is more or less impossible) and we live fairly far away) so some qulality loss is to be expected on some dishes but then again as I have ALWAYS done takeout so that loss shoud be a constant factor. Some dissapointing dishes, like the shredded pork and pickled cabbage mai fun were likey my own fault (Whne I see this on a menu I keep expecting it will be like the shredded pork and picked cabbage rice cakes I get in Manhattan just with different noodles, however 1. It never is and 2. For some reason that I cannot fathom every place I do order it from around here burns it a little (do people like it that way?). The salt an pepper squid was edible but really flabby and getting less and less garlicky (Whne I first found the place its squid was on a par with Cantoon Garden in Chinatown not it's only marginally above the same as every other Chinese salt and pepper squid I've bumped into in Westchester, and several notches below Aberdeens.

                                                                  Of even greater concern is the fact that since the last time I was there, the place has chaged it's menu (at least it's chaged the one in English, not being Chinese I didn't get a chance to see if there was an "Insiders" Chinese one). This in and of itself would not be a problem except they seem to have "streamlined it" by removing pretty much all of the the back side (where the more Chinatown Chinese stuff was kept) in favor of adding onto the Amercanized section. We were able to still order most of waht we wanted, on the printed menu or not (though the winter melon soup is apparantly gone for good), but it was not easy (at the time we just though the person who took our order wasnt familar with the menu, but now I think that the order taking staff is just already used to the new menu, and they had to find someone who had been with the place for a while and rememered the old one). A I am aware that ordering things "off menu" is usally an iffy proposition at best (you really need someone who really knows waht the kitchen is still capable of making). But I'll probaby keep trying, as the West Lake soup and Amoy Mai fun we got (both of which are now, "off menu") were still eminently satisfying.

                                                                  Icidentally the next time Chinese comes up on the take away roster (we order out at least once a week, so chinese will proaby come back up in a few weeks to a month) we'll likey give Empire wok another shot; my mom saw a new year's menu from the Somers brach that mentioned they were also serving West Lake soup (which has never been on the pritned menu), so we are hoping that the North White plains branch will do so as well.

                                                                  Final question (to anyone who haun't the Central Avenue Chinese places). Does anyone know if the Hunan Village still serves the mountain goose dish. I know the Hunan Village II (th eone in Hartsdale that replaced K.Fung's) dropped it, but I have checked the main branch recently.

                                                                  1. re: jumpingmonk

                                                                    I think Hunan Village on Central Avenue has closed.

                                                                    1. re: chowdom

                                                                      Oh, I wondered why I couln't see thier lights when we went to get the food last night, well, I guess that answers my question.

                                                                      1. re: chowdom

                                                                        Yeah, Hunan Village in Yonkers has been closed for several months.

                                                                        1. re: JMF

                                                                          Went there this past Sunday for the Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day with my husband and son. It was the 3rd time there since K Fungs closed. It was absolutely the best meal we've had there. Vegetarian hot and sour soup was almost as great as K Fungs (we miss them) perfect balance of hot & sour, usually not like that at most Chinese restaurants. Since the original chef from Hunan Village in Yonkers, Paul, left, Hunan Village went down hill and eventually closed. Well, he's back and he is cooking at Hunan Village II in Hartsdale. I confirmed this with one of the owners. If you liked the original Hunan in Yonkers, I am sure you will enjoy Hunan Village II.

                                                                          Hunan Village II
                                                                          222 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

                                                                          1. re: lhodd

                                                                            Are you sure that Paul, of the original Hunan Village, is cooking at Hunan Village II? I don't think he was a chef at the original.

                                                                            If true, that would be a horse of a different color.

                                                          2. Went to JG today for dim sum. Granted, it was a Sunday and a holiday weekend and Valentine's Day but it has been a long while since I walked out of a restaurant as quickly as I walked out of there today. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE.

                                                            There are two seating areas: the larger space and when you walk in to the right, a smaller area, which I shall call Timbuktu. When we walked in, the place was crowded. There was a table open in Timbuktu. We waited a good ten minutes, after giving our name, they sat us at the open table in Timbuktu.

                                                            As we were being seated, we walked by a waiter/manager explaining to an Asian family seated at another table why they could not order off the non-dim sum menu (the kitchen couldn't handle it). Not a good sign.

                                                            We counted a total of TWO steam carts, all in the big area. There were a couple of other servers carrying trays with two or three dishes. When the cart made it to our table, there were about 4 different dumplings in it, that's it. I knew it would be a long time before we saw another cart again-- and we were famished.

                                                            Not being served tea is one thing. But when there is not even a bottle of soy sauce, and it takes another 5 minutes to flag someone down and another 5 minutes for hiim to get it, that;s another. Forget about getting hot oil. My son asked for water and HE got it-- but I did not. One glass, that's it. He thought we shouldn't have had to ask for it at all.

                                                            Everyone else around us looked mighty disappointed. I didn't have the patience to wait and attempt to flag down the next cart. Our three dumpling orders came to $9. The host at the counter added up our bill and said he was sorry, but basically wanted us out of the way so he could seat someone else.

                                                            In a nutshell: managment is awful, service is worse (don't go hungry-- you'll starve!) and there must be something up in the kitchen if they can't get the food out to feed everyone. If they have any desire to succeed, they need more food, more carts, more servers, effective management and a kitchen that can cope.

                                                            4 Replies
                                                            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                                              Jade Garden Hartsdale received a very nice review in Sunday's NYT "Metropolitan" section.

                                                              1. re: gerchak198

                                                                How does it get a "Worth It" rating with passages like this?

                                                                "Both noodle dishes we tried were tasted flat"

                                                                "Overcooked steamed flounder was not at the peak of freshness"

                                                                "Perhaps the biggest disappointment was in the quality and in the stingy, unimaginative selection of dim sum.... chosen from a brunch trolley, were sticky, barely warm, thick-skinned and leaden. Soup dumplings were dry. In addition, most of the steamer baskets wheeled through the dining room held little variety."

                                                                "For dessert, skip the awful mango pudding and almond tofu "

                                                                1. re: pabboy

                                                                  The new "Worth It" ranking system in the NY Times is ludicrous anyway. Completely meaningless.

                                                              1. Has anyone been here recently? We are planning to go this Sunday. I'd love a change from Central Seafood but don't want to waste our time or money if it's not worthwhile...

                                                                3 Replies
                                                                1. re: cupcakegirl

                                                                  I've been there a few times and, unfortunately, I haven't really been all that impressed any of the times. To be honest if you are looking for a change from Central Seafood in that area. I'd keep going along the road to The Tanglewood Shopping Center over in Yonkers, and Hit Hartsdale Garden. It's a bit small and if you were after Dim Sum exclusively, you'll be out of luck (they haven't served dim sum for about 4-5 years) but some of the actual food is pretty good. The menu is mostly americanized by now, but they still have some of the cooking staff from when they did "authentic", and will do some of those old dishes if you ask for them by name (The West Lake soup is pretty good, and thier salt baked/salt and pepper dishes are absolutely incredible.
                                                                  There is also Pagoda, over in the complex with Spiga and Casa Maya. They are one of the only Shanghai Resturaunts in the area, so if you have a Shanghai yen, it may be a good choice. For example they are the only place in westchest I know of that serves stir fried rice cakes (thogh thier's are not particualry good, they tend to be too hard and not well flavored). Again, an mostly americanized menu up front, but they have a lot of more autherntic dishes they can make if you ask for them. (Skip the west lake here though, there are two chefs who know how to make it here, one makes it so so and the other makes it absolutely terribly.

                                                                  Central Seafood
                                                                  285 N Central Ave, Hartsdale, NY 10530

                                                                  Casa Maya
                                                                  706 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

                                                                  718 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

                                                                  1. re: cupcakegirl

                                                                    We've been happy with it. We get dim sum twice a week (xiao long bao, beancurd skin rolls, turnip cakes, leek dumplings, Jade dumplings, Hong Kong dumplings). Lately we've been trying their entrees. Last night I had a very satisfying version of shrimp with walnuts and mayo. My son likes their versions of the classics like roast pork lo mein, beef with garlic sauce, beef with snow peas, General Tso's, etc. Their ma po was good as well. The last time we ordered scallion pancakes, however, they were sopping wet with grease. Maybe we got a bad batch.

                                                                    1. re: cupcakegirl

                                                                      We eat at Jade Garden fairly often. I always enjoy the dim sum however I find the rest of the food to be inconsistent ranging from ok to really good. We had a really good lunch on Wednesday. I want to say that they are busier Saturday afternoons than Sundays so Saturday would be my first choice if going primarily for Dim sum .

                                                                      Jade Garden
                                                                      876 Connetquot Ave Ste B, Islip Terrace, NY 11752