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Dec 13, 2008 02:30 PM

Jade Garden Hartsdale, any info?

was driving along in Hartsdale last Thurs and couln't help noticing that there was the sign for a new Chinese resturaunt in Hartsdale, called the Jade Garden. (in the place where the tea hose that sold the world art was, across from the (now of of Business Barnes and Noble and the (also now out of business) Carvel, just past Ninjiya (the Japanese supermarket). It doesnt seem to be anyting more than a sign at the momen but I was wondering if anyone had heard anything like when they expect to open for business. Also since this is the spot where the Chen's Jade Palace was (it think) I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about them getting any of the old cooking staff back (from what I understand, when the Palace closed (after that labor issue) the staff largely split between Central Seafood (in Hartsdale) and Aberdeen (in White Plains).

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  1. Is this the place that's going in where the Carvel was? I saw they are tearing the place down and putting in some type of asian place. I think it was a Hibachi joint. Also, any idea how that japanese place is on central ave in that funky little building across from the carvel? I think the name is fujinoya but not positive. I drive past and keep saying i want to try it. cool looking building. hopefully the food and rest of the experience measures up.

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      jumpingmonk, are you saying something is coming in where Global Gatherings was? That would be nice. Yes, I do believe you are right about it being the original spot of Jade Palace -- that was quite a few years ago!

      da4141, I ate at Fujinoya with my Japanese daughter-in-law, who thought very well of the food --as did I, but with less expertise. It was a year ago, so I don't remember what I had, but I remember I liked my meal.

      1. re: VFresser

        It is goining into the global gatherings spot. I think Jade Palace owns the building and they may be going back there with a new name.

        1. re: kaaaassss

          Yes, kaaasss, Jade Palace was in the building where Global Gatherings was. I remember having a horrid meal at JP (my choice, though, squid and more squid, it was disgusting), so I'm not anxious to run back.

          da4141, I would be very upset if Fujinoya is leaving, but I don't think it is.

          A hibachi place where the dear departed Carvel was? Blech, I hate hibachi.

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            Someone just told me that was the original Carvel location. Is that true? If so, I'm shocked. You'd think the company would make that store like a museum. (Not that I'm a fan of Carvel ice cream.) I'm not crazy about Hibachi either. The food is always so bland. I'm going to hit that Fujinoya place this week. Everyone seems to say it's solid.

    2. My recollection is that it used to be called David's Jade Palace. Before David ran into legal problems the food was very good. Is David coming back?

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      1. re: debmom

        No idea, I'm only report as I heard and saw. I actually sorta hope that the new resturaunt doesn't try to get back the Jade palace chefs, not becuse I don't think they would be good but besue I'm worried about the effect on the area. The spot in question is awfully close to Central Seafood, and I'm just a little worried that if the new place tries for the same sector of the Chinese food market (everyone raved about the Jade Garden's dim sum, so I (who never actually got to go there) assume that the menu was in a similar vein to Central Seafood and Aberdeen). Both resturants will end up suffering and both may go under (I know Centrals been there nearly forever (replacing the Hunan Garden, I beieve) but no resturaunt is incaapble of being driven out of business). I like Central Seafood. and would hate to see it go.

        1. re: jumpingmonk

          If only they'd listen to the hungry masses and open a Vietnamese place!

      2. I see that I am a few days late to this party. I too was driving by the location of Global Gatherings when I saw the sign change. Which is why I came here.

        I will stop by there, in a day or two, in order to see if there in any info posted on door.

        In Re.: Carvel location just up/across the street: While building is still up, some ground prep is going on. Could be awhile before hibachi place opens up.

        And just as there are at least four pizza places even closer together, IF this is the return of Jade Palace as we remember it, it is not that close to other simular places.

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        1. re: Jon1856

          Drove by last night. New sign says something about serving dim sum all day.

          1. re: pabboy

            I dropped by tonight, Wednesday Dec 24th and found out that they had started a cold opening on Tuesday, Dec 23rd.
            Yes-They are open for business BON!
            Very large/big menu that looks a bit like old one.
            Dave is NOT around as, per conversation I had with a man who seemed to be a PTB, he is in hidding. From US Government. Tax matters it seems.

            1. re: Jon1856

              Based on the above I decided to actually go to the resturaunt today (my theory, which proved to be correct was that if anywhere on earth would be guaranteed to be open on Chrismas Day, I would be a Chinese Resturaunt, particulary one which had just opened.) I arrived at just before 12 on more or less a blind guess (The Place is so new its number isnt even listed with the phone company yet!) To discover it was already open (it opens at 11:30) In the interest of brevity I decied to make my order Take-out (as did the only other group of people there, a Family of three) The place is spacios, much more so than the Global Gatherings tea shop before it (but then this place doesnt have to keep a store in the front!) decor is a bit minimal at the moment, but this is most likey a case of them not getting thier decor objects yet, and its kind of referssing to go into an upscale chinese resturaunt that does keep it simple. Oddly given the fact that they advertise serving dim sum all day, the place does not seem to have a sepereate dim sum menu. (I actually did see a dim sum menu in the resturant while i waited for my food, but somewhat strangely it was from Pagoda, the resturaunt about a block further along, maybe they were using it as a template for what sort of dished they should be offering) But as I was in the market for actual lunch this was not a big deal okay now onto what everyone really want to hear about, what food I ordered and what I though of it.

              Scallion Pancakes-sorta mixed opinon. The flavor (an intrigun slight note under the scallions perhaps a touch of five spice powder), consistencey (I like my scallion pancakes a litte soft or gluntinous, rather than bready) and outer crispness were all quite acceptable. The only downside in fact was that the pancake (there's only one per order) was rather over oily, and in fact i gagged sligtly on the last bite or so from the grease. Maybe this will imporve as they get up to speed.)

              Fried shrimp Ball-Not at all bad though not all that different from the ones you would get at comperable nearby places like Central Seafood or Aberdeen.

              Minced Beef w. Chnese Parsley soup AKA "West Lake Soup"-Once again not the best version I've had but perfectly decent. This soup also laid to rest my fears (baed on the dim sum menu) that this place was Pagoda moved (I havent been near Pagoda for a while, so I had no way of knowing if it was still in business). Once I saw the soup however I was relived as the soup looked like perfect normal West Lake soup (I'll make no bones about it, I think the Pagoda West Lake soup is wierd and rather unpleasant)

              Salt Baked Spicy Calamari- What is usally listed as "Salt and Pepper Squid" on menus. Once again I've had a few better versions, (mostly in Chinatown), but this was a perfect good rendition; you could actually taste the salt and seasonings and the hot peppers were appopriately subdued.

              Hong Kong Style Mai Fun Noodle-It turs out that this is the Jade Garden version of the dish that, in Chinatown is usally called "Tai-Pang Mai Fun" (If you've ever had Central Seafood's "Royal Seafood Mixed rice Noodles, this is more or less the same thing). This was the ony thing I ordered I really didn't care for, but this is mainly because I really don't like Tai-Pan Mai Fun, (I find it a bit fishy for my taste and have never really got used to the dried shrimp, squid and scallops that are often added). However I am not going to faut them for this, as it was my error for not asking (I must have though "Taiwan Mai Fun" not "Hong Kong Mai Fun") and I believe it would be a bit churlish of me to claim that a dish was made badly if I would not have liked the dish even if it was made well. Besides the fact that the noodled did contain actual Chinese pickled cabbage bodes well, as it man there is a good chance that, the next time I go, I may be able to ask them if they can make Ha Moon (Xia min, Amoy) Mai fun which I like a great deal.

              In conclsiun I am reasonably statisfied, and I feel that, once they get over a few opening teething issues, Jade Garden will be a fine addtion to the Hartsdale Chinese scene.

              1. re: jumpingmonk

                Thank you jumpingmonk for your report.
                I did pick-up take-out menu while I was there the other day:
                Hours Sun-Thursday: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM
                Fri-Saturday: 11:30 AM-10:30 PM
                Phone: (914) 288-0081
                156 South Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY 10530
                No web site address indicated.

                BTB: As of last week, Pagoda is still around and in business.

                1. re: Jon1856

                  Good, since one of the few side benefits of the trip was that I have now seen the Pagoda dim sum menu, and will be making the point, the next time I am in the vicity during appropriate hours, of poppoing by and trying a few things (I am always on the lookot for somewhere in westchester that does a good pan fried shrimp and chive "cake" (what is referred to by pagoda as a "leek box"

                  1. re: jumpingmonk

                    Perhaps soneone else here may recall better than I but somehow I recall that Dave and two other men where involved in several Asian restaurants including Pagoda and Jade.
                    Now I wish I had a longer converstion with the gent I sw at Jade Garden the other night. He did say that he knew Dave. I just did not ask any followw-up questions at the time.
                    The could be a partner-ship with Pagoda simular to Seasons and Bao's in WP.

                    1. re: Jon1856

                      Jon1856, I am a fan of Bao's but know nothing about Seasons. What kind of partnership is this? I am curious.

                      1. re: VFresser

                        Perhaps I should have said "partnership"/"relationship" jumpingmonk in both cases. I am not sure just what the relationship is between Bao's and Seasons, just that there is some kind of link between them.
                        Run ads with each other. And while I do recall reading something about it, I just do not recall what it was.
                        Seasons is located on the Ave. across from Splendes'. Japanese Bistro

                        And getting back to OP subject, I think or wonder if there is some connection between Jade and Pagoda.

                        Something I will ask, in a polite mannor, when I go and check it out myself.

                      2. re: Jon1856

                        We first met David when he was located in the small shopping center next to the A&P. He then moved his restaurant to the large one that later became Global Gatherings. Then he got in tax trouble... Pagoda opened in the small one by the A&P--but I never thought it was associated with David--however it was his old location.

                        1. re: debmom

                          I believe David and the Pagoda people (and probably the new restaurant people) were all with the original Pagoda in Eastchester .

                          1. re: Westjanie

                            That is just what I recall/my thoughts as well.
                            The original Pagoda was where EMS is now located.

          2. Had dim sum there this weekend. First, they have actual soup dumplings! Most of what we had were dumpling-ish items, mostly steamed. Everything was good. Regular menu looks interesting and includes some items not generally found, even at Central Seafood and Aberdeen. Staff were, in some cases, a bit challenged in English language skills, but service was at all times gracious and efficient (Of course, there were only a few tables occupied.) Staff were trying very hard and were clearly wanting to please. Overheard a reply to another patron's question that David is acting as a "consultant."

            I know there have been a lot of complaints on this Board about a lack of Vietnamese restaurants and an overabundance of Japanese or pan-Asian ones, but I am feeling quite happy that I now have a choice of 3 (maybe 4, including Pagoda) really good Chinese (assuming Jade Garden keeps up to its promise) plus my favorite Japanese (Fujinoya) and Thai (Tangerine in Tuckahoe) within easy driving distance.

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            1. re: Westjanie

              Hmmm, sounds worth a try, Westjanie. We were going to do Bao's, but might try David's instead. Thanks. Dim sum with a free parking lot, how can you beat that?

              1. re: Westjanie

                My complaint is there is an overabundance of Japanese pan-Asian restaurants within blocks of each other in White Plains with more opening monthly. On my count there are 11 now and I'm sure I'm missing some....

                1. re: kaaaassss

                  Japanese pan-Asian restaurants??

                  I think you mean Chinese-owned serving poor imitation of other Asian cuisines!!

                  1. re: pabboy

                    There is no distinguising anymore since there really are so few good ones..
                    Usually the help is bussed to the restaurant in vans.

                    1. re: pabboy

                      For what it's worth (not much, actually), Hito in White PLains is Japanese owned or, certainly, run. But our experience with their non-Japanese/Chinese dishes has not been good.

                  2. re: Westjanie

                    What's good to order at Pagoda's? I was there a long time ago and thought their food was sort of Americanized. I also ordered from their Chinese menu one time and I didn't like what I ordered. But perhaps there are dishes they specialized in that's good?

                    1. re: bearmi

                      The chef at Pagoda left over a year ago. He's cooking at a place on Kissena in Flushing. The food at Pagoda has not been the same quality since.

                      1. re: pabboy

                        Thanks. That probably explains the decline in quality.... sigh...

                  3. I may try the new Jade Garden place tonight, especially after seeing that some people have tried it. Also, I ate at Fujinoya once before and have to say that I MUCH prefer E-Sushi right nearby on Hartsdale Avenue - it replaced Kazu a few months back. They have great sushi and the Bento Boxes are my favorite. Anyone else go to e-sushi?