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Dim Sum in Mississauga

I will be meeting my daughter, who loves dim sum, in Mississauga for lunch. Can anyone make suggestions as to where we should go. Authentic trolley served Dim Sum is great. I know it will be busy, being a Sunday, but we were hoping to eat around 2.00pm. Is that a good or particularly busy time to go.

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  1. Just google "The Perfect Kitchen Mississauga" I love their Dim Sum . It's not on the cart though, you have to order. Not sure if they are open Sunday.

    1. Emerald at Hurontario+Eglinton might do if you're after 3 ring circus cart-served dimsum. FYI 2pm is pretty much a recipe for disappointment. I'd get there around 10:30-11. Be prepared for a wait and make sure you don't get desert island seats.There's also Sam Woo at Eglinton+Mavis(NoFrills plaza):smaller, quieter but no cart service, alas. Happy Garden further west at Eglinton+Creditview is similar.

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        Emerald is my goto Mississauga too. If you have to go late, Kagemusha is right. Nothhing left but the stuff noone really wants. If you ask one of the servers though, they will bring you whatever you really want eventually. Best value per dollar ratio. But Grand in Etobicoke on Dixon by the airport is awesome and worth the drive and extra money, but no carts.

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          My family just sent to Happy Garden this weekend. I am Chinese but my wife is not, and my kids have limited exposure to the dim sums, so they really want to go somewhere with carts to get a more authentic experience, even though I tell them that the restaurants in China and Hong Kong don't use carts any more. I have to say that Happy Garden is a pretty good choice. We got there at 1:45 PM and it was still very crowded -- we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table. The selections are pretty traditional dim sum fares. I personally have had more innovative dim sums at Perfect Kitchen and Sam Woo. But whatever we did have were pretty good. The only downside with ordering off the carts is that sometimes the food has been on the cart for a while and is no longer piping hot. The price was very reasonable. On weekdays, everything is $2.20 a dish; on weekends, everything is $2.50 a dish,;and after 2 PM, everything is $2 a dish. I like this system much better than some restaurants who differentiate between large, medium and small size plates but don't tell you which dish is what price until after you have ordered. The 4 of us (2 adults and 2 kids) spent $28 and we were very full. I certainly wouldn't mind going back again, but since we don't live in the GTO area, it might be another 6 months before we make back to this neck of the woods.

        2. Grand is in Etobicoke, but it's not very far from Mississauga.

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            Everyone knows where I stand on Dim Sum in the West-end. tjr and Westwardho mentioned it already. And another plus - they will NOT be busy around 2PM.



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              Yes, Grand is awesome.

              If you want carts, Happy Jade is pretty good. By 2pm it shouldn't be too busy. It's at Dixie & Dundas, in the Mobilia plaza on the northeast corner.

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                I have to say the Grand too, it's excellent!! Go for it.

              2. Summit Garden is on the north east corner of dundas and Winston Churchill - cart service, lots of variety , very tasty - not sure about 2pm - should be clearing out but you may still have to wait.

                1. the other place is the large chinese restaurant in the chinese plaza on Dundas between dixie and cawthra. Very large - 2pm should be fine, good variety, and tasty - it was called the Sun Sun at one time might still be but it is in the south east corner of the plaza. you need to pay cash or walk with your credit card as we had our visa compromised once.

                  1. Tremendous on Wolfedale Rd does a decent Dim Sum.

                    Summit Garden on Winston Churchill and Dundas (where the Mexicali Rosas is) though you have to call ahead in case they're hosting a banquet.

                    Emerald on Eglington and Hurontario does Dim Sum as well.

                    Sam Woo apparently does as well though I've personally not tried it yet.

                    Of the top 3 I listed above, I found that Tremendous by far is the best price with a fairly decent selection. Though they've a Cash-Only policy on weekend Dim Sum.

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                      Tremendous has only one real virtue, and it's their hours(open till 4am), not their dimsum, which passable but not great compared to the others listed above. I love the place more for the oddball clientele at 2am than their food.

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                        Just went to Emerald...excellent food and service...but holy cow on the pricey items that I was only told about when receiving the bill.

                        Honestly, I wish I were told the price before ordering...I will go back though! Just a little disturbed with my final bill.

                      2. dixie and dundas. best value in the city. oh. and they still use carts in the hong kong places i went....

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                          Summit gardens - cart and reasonable pricing. I stopped going to Emerald as have heard from several close friends they have some "cleanliness" issues there.

                        2. Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has any updates for dim sum in Mississauga. Going to be going in the next few weeks, however have not tried any places in Mississauga and would like to try one.

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                            Having grown up in Etobicoke and Mississauga- I've been to all the places mentioned above...

                            I've never been a fan of Emerald- to me it's overpriced for mediocre (but not bad) dim sum.

                            IMO- Sam Woo is the best. Their har gow (which is what I judge most dim sum places by)- is my favourite around sauga.

                            Some of their must-not-miss are

                            chee cheong fun (rice paper rolls) with shrimp
                            black bean spare ribs
                            deep friend spicy squid (not battered)

                            Couple caveats about Sam Woo though:

                            1) Happy hour starts at 2- so it'll be packed. It looks worse than it is when you show up- even packed- I've never waited more than 20minutes for a table.

                            2) While the food is great- if you're not chinese, the service is ehhhh. I've been going there for well over 10 years- and they will still conspicuously place a fork right in front of me when I sit down. I feel like yelling "I can eat with chopsticks! You all know that!!!". BUT- food is still worth it.

                            3) no carts. if that's what you're looking for.

                            despite the non-smiling (ever) mom/cashier and the fact that I now live in london- I still keep going back. And will continue to do.

                            plus their bbq cant' be beat...mmm. want roast pork now.