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Dec 13, 2008 11:53 AM

Langoustines for Christmas Eve Dinner

Any ideas on where I can purchase these in the Boston area? Crucial for my feast of the seven fishes!

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  1. I would suggest calling New Deal or Courthouse Fish in E Cambridge a week or so in advance. I don't recall if they regularly carry them but they could probably special order them.

    1. it's not something you're likely to find fresh anyway, so you can always order them off the web.

      1. Didn't Massachusetts once have a law saying you could only buy Maine/Massachusetts lobsters? It was intended to keep out the frozen lobster tails that in those days, I think, came from South Africa. Don't know if Langoustines and Crawfish come under that heading as well.

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        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          frozen lobster tails are readily available now. i wonder if that law had more to do with anti-apartheid embargoes?

          langoustines have been badly overfished and do

        2. This is a place I found after seeing live langoustines in Toronto (haven't ordered from them though):

          I agree that calling New Deal is a good idea, probably the best idea.

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          1. re: steinpilz

            went to New Deal last night

            Me: Hi do you carry langoustines
            Guy behind the counter: no
            Me: Oh, too bad any idea where i could possibly get them
            guy behind the couter: no
            Me: err thanks

            Hopefully if you call, you could extract some better info :)

            1. re: ac106

              I took up this challenge, called New Deal and must have talked to that same guy you did (the older gentleman):

              Me: Hi, I'm wondering if you guys ever have langoustines?
              Gentleman: No, have you ever seen them?
              Me: Yes, I've seen live ones up in Toronto.
              Gentleman: We've had scampo, do you know them? Where are you from? I mean, what's your background?
              Me: Well, Irish I guess.
              Gentleman: Oh (hangs up).

              So, just to check I Googled scampo (the same thing as langoustines) and then called back to see if they can get them. I got the younger gentleman at New Deal who apologized for his father misleading me, they actually very rarely get scampo.

              So then I did another search for langoustine suppliers, here's what looks like a pretty good one from Canada:


              And here's a nice article by RW Apple about langoustines:


              Happy holidays!

              1. re: steinpilz

                hmmmm....this is gonna be difficult! thanks for all your help!

                1. re: Wannabfoode

                  Captain Marden's wholesale has carried them in the past.The problem is that they are bought off the Holland Seafood auction and are insanely expensive while having a shelf life of 30 seconds. Not a fun proposition for seafood purveyors especially in today's economy.

                  1. re: Richard Hurts

                    Thanks for your informed comments, reminded me of this unfortunately funny plea from MacGregors:

                    "unlike Lobsters, fresh “dead” langoustines are expected and of uncompromised quality & safety. This is how they are sold throughout Europe. "

          2. I hope not to offend food purists, but I just purchased some frozen langoustine tails from Trader Joe's. I made them last night in a recipe I have from Zermatt that calls for fresh, but it turned out really good anyway.
            "Noodles with Saffron, and Fresh Langoustine".
            I also purchased some inexpensive saffron from Trader's and it did the trick.