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Dec 13, 2008 11:36 AM

Dinner near walnut street theater

I just got my parents tickets to see a show at the walnut street theater and would like to also get them a gift certificate at a nearby (walking distance) restaurant beforehand. My parents do like to try the new trendy spots, really like unique atmosphere, but are not overly adventurous in what they will eat (no sushi, etc.). I want to get them a $50 gift certificate and am looking for a place that is not too expensive so that would cover their total bill. They do not drink, so I'm not worried about BYO vs. non BYO etc. Thanks!

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  1. Right down the street and they have a pre theater $29 special.

    1. I also like the Caribou Cafe. So, the pre-theater meal will run you $60 but you have a limited choice of items. If they order a la carte, I think the cost will run closer to $70 not including tax and tip (salad/appetizer plus entree).

      1. I would suggest Estia, which has a 30 dollar three course prix fix theatre dinner deal. 1405 Locust. Choice of greek appetizers or a green salad. Three entrees, fish, moussaka or a chicken breast, and cake for dessert.

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          i second the estia suggestion. i know you say they're not adventurous, but try to convince them to order the octopus. i know it sounds scary, but it really tastes like a calamari/chicken hybrid. and so far, i haven't found anywhere that does it better than estia.

        2. We like Estia but it is always expensive, even with the special. Coffee, tax and tip would probably soar it up to $100.
          Caribou sounds more within your budget.

          1. For less expensive but pleasant and good, there is Aqua, a Malaysian restaurant, on Chestnut close to 7th Street. I'd say Malaysian food is close to Thai or Chinese, so not sure if that is too exotic. A less exotic choice is Jones, which has good comfort food and can be inexpensive (or more expensive, depending on what you order) on Chestnut at 7th.