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Dec 13, 2008 11:24 AM

Chinese for Christmas Eve?

Our big "at home" day is Christmas Day this year. We are looking for something fun to do with our two college age boys. They love Chinese/Asian food. I'm thinking there is some chance some Chinese restaurants will be open (hoping). So the question is...what would you suggest? We are on the Main Line but would be fine with going into the City and further out to West Chester or up to Doylestown area and all points in between. Any ideas?

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  1. I went to the Eastern Dragon in towamencin last Christmas Eve. There were three or four other tables too. They have sushi and some Japanese dishes as well as Chinese food. It was lovely. The Chrismas Eve before that I was driving around Lansdale on a mad juice run for a sick family member and I happened to notice that Jim's Buffet was open and doing a thriving business.

    1. I would expect Hong Kong Jacks in Doylestown to be open. Owner is Jewish.

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        How is Hong Kong Jacks cwdonald? Never quite got around to trying that place.

      2. vietnam in chinatown could be nice. they don't take reservations but it is a nice environment for a good meal. i prefer the less pretty places in chinatown though. :)

        you can try morimoto if you want to pay a lot. or susanna foo's. or joseph poon's peking duck house.....

        1. Vietnam in Chinatown is excellent; I'd go there. For Chinese we like Szechuan Tasty House, though service isn't always great there. No idea which of them is open on xmas day.

          1. I concur with Vietnam. But I need to throw out there, Sang Kee on 9th St between Race and Vine

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              darnit, i was just in vietnam palace yesterday and i forgot to ask about their holiday hours. last year i went to chinatown on xmas eve, albeit verrrry late in the evening, but found that both vietnam and vietnam palace were closed, at least by the time i got there. lee how fook was roaring though, and we had a lovely meal there. and then on xmas day, i think we ended up at penang. though i cannot remember if that was last year or the year before.

              i'd definitely recommend driving into the city to see what chinatown has to offer. with any of those places you won't go wrong. as an added bonus, on your way home you could always make a detour through south philly to go look at the crazy xmas lights!

              as a side note, does anyone know if rangoon will be open on either day? the family might be coming into town and i'd love to take them there. i went there last week with a group, and the fried bean curd salad is not to be missed (and how have i missed it on previous visits?!).