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Dec 13, 2008 11:13 AM

Who knows Porto Alegre, Brasil?

I'm here for one month and looking for restaurant ideas beyond churrasco. Let me know!

I found out about a great buffet place today near the Public Market downtown in a 1940 office building. It's on a top floor with views of the river, 25 foot ceilings and beautiful stained glass panels of birds and flowers. The buffet was about 25 reais ($10) and high quality with duck a la orange, filet mignon with mushrooms, salmon with capers, various cheeses, salads etc etc etc plus a great dessert bar, I went with the dark and white chocolate crepe with hot melted chocolate sauce. Good service, simple but elegant with tablecloths.

It's called Berna (like Bern Switzerland) and it's in the Federasul Palacio do Comercio at Largo Visconde de Cairu, 17 Centro on the 7th floor. Very near the Public Market downtown. phone is 51.3286.7577

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  1. Well, you are in guacho land.Did you go here yet?
    Vitrine Gaucha

    O Engenho-Mineira cuisine
    Cachaceria Agua Doce-cachaca
    Choppe Stubel-German, many Germans in southern Brazil
    Bazcaria-Brazilian pizza

    A couple of suggestions, pizza, portuguese, italian, and german are excellent options in Porto Alegre because of the rich immigrant populations.

    Look for wine bars featuring Brazilian wines, southern Brazil is the wine producing region of Brazil.

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      RE: streetgourmetla, Good suggestions. The first churrascarias mentioned also have a dance show included, very touristy, but also very "Gaucho" and worth seeing.

    2. Curisu, That place does not exist! Sounded nice though.

      1. I lived in Porto Alegre 2 years ago for about a year - a few of my tips for posterity and any people still searching

        MEAT (its all about this in POA)

        - NA BRASA - most expensive but one of the best. more sao paulo environs. (think it has renamed itself NB or something.
        - BARRANCO - all the locals go here, particularly on sunday.
        - PARILLA DEL SUR and FAZENDA BARBANEGRA are good uruguayan parillas
        - GALPAO CRIOLO is for the full tourist gaucho thing

        MERCADO PUBLICO (The market)


        Then the best coffee in town is down there at CAFE DO MERCADO

        Other spots i loved

        Del Barbiere bistro - attached to an old barbers

        FOFA - Cheap little uruguayan venue i hope is still going

        Odeon for live music and bar food

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          Fofa is gone! :(
          Now it's a trendy bakery. They had the best "tortilla de papas"