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Dec 13, 2008 11:11 AM

Cajun Kate's

We have dined the best and worst of New Orleans. Closer to home it is difficult to find authentic n'awlins cuisine. Sure there is High Street, Carmines, Crawdaddy's, Nora's, a wannabe in Paoli, several in Phila and Manyunk and others that have opened and closed.

A while ago we discovered Cajun Kate's at Booth's Corner Farmers Market in Boothwyn, PA. Since then we have been enamored with all they have to offer.

Just this week we had some fried cajun mac & cheese, crawfish pie; gumbo of the day, gator on a stick, and crawfish pie. This place is the real-deal regarding Louisiana flavors and taste. They do a nice take-out business which is what we do since there is limited seating.

When visiting Total Wine we always make a point to drive cross-country just to savor their delicious treats.

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  1. WOW...almost in my backyard! Thanks for the tip. I haven't been to the Farmer's Market as much as I should, but this is the 2nd time this month someone has raved about a place there. Guess I'm gonna have to brave the crowds and try it some Fri or Sat

    1. I just went here today for the first time and am in love!!! We tried a bunch of different things... red beans and rice & the jambalaya were fantastic. The Muffaletta is the most authentic version that I have had outside of NOLA. I read that they get their bread specially baked from Serpes. It works! The beignets had a cinnamon flavor and were tasty.
      They're only opened Friday and Saturday, but it's now officially my new favorite place. Thank you, CH!

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        We've been going there for some time. Recently had the somewhat rare offering of soft shell crab po boys. Absolutely great. Seafood gumbo is exceptional. Besides the food and the ambiance of the farmer's market is sitting at the stools chatting with Don and the crew while he's making your food. A lot of shouting at customers, checking up on orders, just saying hi. It's a great experience.

      2. While little more than a lunch counter with three small tables, Satchmo's in Collegeville (across the street from the Collegeville Diner) offers a great cajun crab cake, etouffe, gumbo and deep fried crawdad Po Boy. They are, however, a bit pricey.

        1. Ordered the mac & cheese with crab and tasso ham ($7), and a whole muffaletta ($12), and 3 beignets ($4). Mabe I ordered the wrong items? in reference to all the great raves posted?

          First, I had to try the beignets while still warm. I love beignets; one of my favorte NOLA treats. I expected a lighter-textured-donut-like pastry. These were heavy heavy heavy doughed bombs. The mac & cheese had almost no crab and little ham, just a dense piece of elbow macaroni with a heavy taste of old bay. BTW, it is was deep fried correctly with good crispy texture. The muffaletta was a rip-off....there was practically no layer of each of THINLY (like, you can see through the meat) sliced mortadella, salami, ham and provolone, topped with the olive salad that was overpowered by oil which unfortunately made the sandwich a greasy sponge. This is the Philly can get a GIGANTIC italian hoagie (same meats) STUFFED FULL OF MEAT for the same amount of money. Hey Cajun Kate's : Where's the meat?

          From this experience I am somewhat apprehensive to go back and try something else from their menu. Yes, the food is home-made but the quality is somewhat lacking and the prices are a bit too high for the quantity presented.

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          1. re: dapchef

            I had the same experience, dapchef. I went last year based on LeBan's rave review, and was pretty disappointed. Ordered soup (tomato bisque I think), mac & cheese and shrimp po boy. Soup was ok, mac & cheese completely unremarkable and po boy downright bad (and, as you say, very skimpy on the ingredients). I don't get the hoopla.

            1. re: griffin19

              I would recommend you give it another shot and try the fried oyster po boy when it is available. Their Jambalaya is very good also. Went to a Super Bowl party this year hosted by a couple of New Orleans natives. They ordered the food from Cajun Kates. They had both brisket gumbo and seafood gumbo. Both were good. They also had muffalettas and they were just so-so. I didn't like the bread. I've had the mac and cheese and agree w/dapchep and you on that. Like everywhere else it seems, they do some things very well and some not so well. But the stuff they do well is what keeps me going back there.