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Dec 13, 2008 10:57 AM

Favorite upscale restaurants Mid-town west

Just moved my office to mid-town 36th and 8th, and I am looking for some nice places to bring clients for lunch. Any ideas?

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  1. Not a lot of upscale spots in that immediate vicinity. But Keens immediately comes to mind. It's on 36th, b/t 5th & 6th (closer to 6th).

    Osteria Gelsi, on the corner of 9th & 38th. Not upscale but still nice enough for client lunches, and the food's delicious.

    West Bank Cafe, on 42nd, b/t 9th & 10th, would also work. Excellent food, comfortable ambiance and well-spaced tables.

    dbBistro Moderne, on 44th, b/t 5th & 6th. is 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's restaurant focusing on contemporary French bistro cuisine. Upscale, but not nearly as expensive as his eponymous temple of haute cuisine.

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      Great ideas. Thanks. There really isn't much in the immediate vicinity is there?!

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        I wouldn't call West Bank "upscale" since it is not that expensive, but it's my favorite lunch and late evening spot in that part of town.

        How about Esca?

        And also, Bar Centrale, upstairs from Joe Allen's. You should reserve a spot. Great for discreet people watching.

        1. re: moomoo60

          No, there really isn't. Must your choices be within walking distance of your office? or can you go farther up to restaurant row (46th & 8th)? All sorts of choices there and not crowded except for Wed. matinée.