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Dec 13, 2008 10:53 AM

I made cranberry bread but forgot to wash the cranberries!

Does anyone know how pesticide-y cranberries are? I totally forgot to rinse the berries before putting them in the bread. Thanks.

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  1. I can't imagine it's a big deal. Most of the sites I saw for freezing cranberries say not to wash them before you freeze them, so I think you're fine. In your place, I'd happily eat the bread.

    Heaven knows, we eat enough salad and veggies out, and I doubt they take the care we take at home!

    1. The recipes on the Ocean Spray website don't call for rinsing and I've never heard it mentioned anywhere else. Since cranberry bogs are harvested by flooding, then siphoning off the berries which float on the water, they've already had a bath.

      1. You're probably pretty safe. Pesticide residues in cranberries were studied quite a bit in the 80s. Low residue levels were found if residues were present. Since then, the Food Quality Protection Act of 1997 got rid of the more toxic and persistent pesticides. Growers in the last 10 years are turning more and more to Integrated Pest Management; and public awareness regrading pesticide residues have made cranberries quite safe (although better to wash them).

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          Thanks. I'm going to eat my bread now!