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Dec 13, 2008 10:06 AM

Concordville, PA (near Philly)

I am going to be in Concordville for a meeting and need some suggestions for dinner. I want to stay within a 15-20 drive from there, which would preclude me from going into Philadelphia (especially at rush hour). Do you have a few suggestions for a nice dinner, not too expensive? I am open to any cuisine. Thanks.

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  1. Drive a short distance south on Rt. 1 and you'll come to The Gables and Brandywine Prime both in the Chadds Ford area. A short drive north on Rt. 202 will take you to the turn-off for Blue Pear Bistro All of those are well within 10 minutes of Concordville. If you care to drive 20 minutes, try one of my area favorites, Sovana Bistro, just outside Kennett Square.

    1. Cindy got the biggies! The Chadds Ford Tavern (also on Rt 1) is undergoing new management, but his reputation is good. There is an Italian Restaurant next door.If you are staying at the Concordville Inn, I would try and by-pass their restaurant.

      There's also a new steak house called Mile-High. It's in a little mall right near Hooters/Holiday Inn. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks good...see

      PF Changs of Chain semi-Asian is located in the Brinton Bridge Shopping area, if you like that sort of thing. Usually crowded.

      And...if you have enough time to kill and want something out of the ordinary, go to Longwood Gardens in Kennett for their light display and a dinner in their cafeteria. The light display is spectacular and the food surprisingly good. They even have wine and beer for sale. But........try and go early! As dusk sets in, so do the hordes! They now sell timed-admission tickets on-line

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        I just received an ad for Mile High in today's mail. I was wondering where it was. It appears to be a chain, although I've never heard of it. I'll be eager to hear reports.

        I agree with FriedClamFanatic about bypassing the restaurant at Concordville Inn. In fact, just run the other way. It's a study in boring mediocrity.

      2. Also Big Fork on Rte. 202 just south of Rte. 1. BYO.