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Dec 13, 2008 09:26 AM

sainsbury's taste the difference

Ive recently bought a few items from thier 'taste the difference' range, and I'm afraid I can't...

I really suspect that previously available, standard products have simply been rebranded as TTD.

I recently purchased TTD west country farmhouse cheddar.. No difference from the regular stuff, and probably tastes even worse if i'm being honest.

Similarly with the "Wiltshire cure" bacon - i'm sure this was always available as a regular product. Turned out the be really anaemic and watery. Sainsbury's bacon generally sucks, and this was no better. I also bought an 'aged irish steak' a month or so back, which really was flavourless..

My feeling is consumers are being taken for a ride... thoughts?

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  1. Interestingly, I recently bought the same farmhouse cheddar. I'm really not much of a cheese connaisseur, but I didn't like it half as much as the same sort of cheese from M&S. I also tried TTD thin biscuits (almond and apple?) and the same type from Tesco's (Finast) were way more tasty.

    I don't think we had so many ranges in US supermarkets as exists here. It probably is pretty much a marketing ploy, but maybe there are some exceptions in quality such as for pizzas or other products.

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      I swear by the TTD oats. They are significantly better than any other oat I've had in town. I used to buy their parmesan, but now just get it from Lidl instead.

      1. re: relizabeth

        I'll mention the oats to Mr. Zuriga. He's the oat eater here. Since discovering Tesco's Gran Pandano, it's the only parmesan I use. I really love how it tastes.

    2. I fully agree - I think we're being taken for a ride! Their TTD biscuits taste no better than normal Waitrose biscuits I've had. Their TTD wholemeal seeded bread (sorry I can't remember the exact name I had the misfortune to buy it a while back) was really horrid - it was dry, unflavoured and left a taste of really cheap nasty bread in my mouth - same as their TTD bread rolls.
      I agree the bacon tastes no better either - then again I swear by Waitrose bacon, especially the treacle one - its scrumptious!