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Anyone tried Lucid Absinthe?

Has anyone tried Lucid Absinthe? I can get a bottle for about $50-$60 at my local liquor store but I don't know if I want to get the whole bottle without knowing if it's any good or not.

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  1. Lucid is a good product, not great. I prefer Kübler, a Swiss absinthe blanche with a richer, more complex flavor (to my palate, anyway).

    1. Find a bar and try it there -- that will cost you $8-12 . . . if you like it, THEN buy the bottle!

      1. I found it to be just OK. It's not terrible but it's not noteworthy either. Unfortunately our options for this spirit are pretty limited so if it's the only one available and you're not willing to take the risk on ordering overseas (www.alandia.de) , I'd give er a whirl. I bought one bottle and I along with one other friend drank all but perhaps two ounces of it one night. Those two ounces are still in the bottle and this is interesting because booze, any kind, disappears in my house quickly.

        1. Isn't Lucid just flavored while Kubler is actually legit Absinthe?

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              Do you mean that they are both legitimate Absinthe?

          1. Howdy:

            I have not tried that but really enjoy St. George Spirit's Absinthe. They have a cool little movie about it- http://www.stgeorgespirits.com/Absint...

            Best regards, tony

            1. I personally have not tried it, but here is a review @ Drinkhacker.com

              Review: Lucid Absinthe:

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                Lucid is considered a good "starter absinthe" which is polite-speak for: it's not that good. St.George is a very nice and quirky absinthe which is made with stinging nettles and I enjoyed it. Kubler is another good choice.

              2. I've tried all those mentioned here. The St. George stands out. That firm is an artisanal distiller known for specialty vodka (separate label) and distinctive small-batch malt whisky of very high quality.

                St. George was first US firm with TTB approval for "Absinthe" on the label since the ban in 1912. Their first small-batch run, late 2007, made national news. Unusual bottle and label declaring 10 herbs used, greenish-tan color undiluted, more herbaceous than most, wormwood discernible. Anise-fennel flavors predominating as usual. Significantly, the St. George was based on brandy like the original quality absinthes of early 1800s, where the Kübler and Lucid products I tried claimed clear neutral spirits instead, and were rather less complex in flavor though clearly absinthe products too and not bad themselves.

                1. There is so much better absinthes than the lucid - for me this is just some fashionable drink to make absinth interesting for young people - which is in a way, an interesting marketing approach, and a good idea to try to get young people to love absinth.But let's face it, this absinthe can't be as tasty as an original absinthe based on a recipe from back in the 19th century. And by the way, you should really buy absinthe online, (www.absinthes.com are good in price) there is just so much more choice!