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Dec 13, 2008 08:12 AM

Can you eat cold french fries?

Or how about a cold toasted bagel? When I get a toasted bagel for breakfast I have to eat it right away. Once it is no longer hot - I can't eat it. This means I don't want to stop and chit chat or be distracted in any way. The fries that get cold get left behind too. I know someone who will reheat fries in the microwave.

What are some foods that you have to eat piping hot or freezing cold or only at room temperature?

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  1. cold fries? ugh, absolutely not. soggy, greasy...gross. actually, i won't eat cold potatoes, period.

    re: the bagel, although the first few hot bites are the best, i'll eat the rest @ room temp - i don't eat fast enough to finish it before it cools down.

    same goes for pizza - has to be at least warm. i don't understand the appeal of cold pizza. the crust is soggy, the cheese is congealed, the sauce is dry...what's appetizing about that?

    soup has to be at least warm - when i'm eating at home i'll nuke it in the MW for a minute to heat it up if it starts to cool down too much.

    salad has to be close to room temp, i can't stand cold veggies.

    actually, i can't stand eating any food super-cold...not even ice cream or frozen yogurt. when something's that cold, the flavor becomes so muted you can't even taste it. the only thing that *has* to be ice-cold is beer.

    1. Two things come to mind that must be served Hot, hot, hot....and fries must be well done crispy.

      French Fries and Soup...I rarely send any food back, but when ordering these two items, I insist to the server that both be very hot and not left sitting around, If either come out cold, they are sent back......without asking for a replacement or substitution.....fear of the whole spitting conspiracy that supposedly happens when food is sent back.

      Not freezing cold or room temperature, but frozen treats must be allowed to warm a bit to 0* or above to taste the flavors of the treats. Anything below and the the tongue cannot taste the product as the taste buds are rendered useless.

      1. I actually prefer my bagels to be cooled off a bit before eating them, because I eat them with cream cheese, which I prefer to be cool on top of it, not melted.

        I'll eat fries that have cooled off sure. Frozen, no. And yes, I would not be too proud to reheat them in the microwave.

        I'm not a fan of extreme temps in any event. Beverages I don't even like ice cold or scalding hot. My mother eats soup scalding hot, and is often dissappointed in restaurants because it's not hot enough.

        1. cold french fries left over from last night's takeout bbq feast. If they have been soaked in bbq sauce, then well, you just don't know what you're missing.

          Most fruits except bananas. Ice cold. The colder the better. Especially apples and oranges.

          Piping hot - Most batter fried or breaded items.

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          1. re: gordeaux

            >>cold french fries left over from last night's takeout bbq feast. If they have been soaked in bbq sauce,


            Cold french fries, cold pizza, cold macaroni, washed down with a healthy serving of ice cream and a Manhattan.


            1. re: dolores

              Sorry D, but I don't think a Manhattan is appropriate with cold French fries, pizza or macaroni. Wouldn't a pinot griggio, sautaurne or a zinfandel compliment the cool bland favors better? A Manhanttan just wouldn't cut the grease.

              1. re: Passadumkeg

                Just got here, Passadumkeg, sorry.

                Well, I like a Manhattan with everything, but I was being facetious, just a little, about the ice cream and the drink. While I could see having a Manhattan in the restaurant with the fries, I wouldn't be looking to drink anything with them cold.

                I was eating cold pierogies today, and ate them drinkless.

              2. re: dolores

                Well, maybe not the Manhattan. But, I'm on board with everything else! Cold pizza for breakfast is a classic in my world!


            2. I don't like cold/frozen coffee/tea drinks at all. I want coffee and tea to be hot or at least lukewarm. I also prefer hot/warm soup and don't care for cold soups.

              I am a fry reheater myself- no reason to waste perfectly good fries when they can easily be put into the microwave.

              I don't mind cool bagels at all, but sometimes I eat them non-toasted. I don't like anything with that "just-out-of-the-fridge" sogginess, but otherwise it's find. On the breakfast front, I cannot stomach cold muffins. You know, the kind that seem like they just came out of the fridge and are soggy in the middle? Gross!