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Dec 13, 2008 04:03 AM

Grocery for Ecuadorian products?

Does anyone know a grocery in Brooklyn (preferred) or Queens that carries a lot of Ecuadorian products? Specifically I am looking for a cookie called "Tangos" which I had in Ecuador... I did find them online at but you would think somewhere in NYC they would be available!

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  1. Casa América, in Corona, Queens, would be a good bet:

    I don't know of a similar grocer in Brooklyn, but you could ask at El Tesoro for a suggestion:

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    1. re: DaveCook

      thanks for these suggestions, I'll check them out. Perhaps I'll just head down to Sunset Park and look around near El Tesoro's area.

      1. re: jinx

        Found! At a tiny Ecuadorian bodega on 4th ave between 34th and 35th streets. They had a big rack of all sorts of Ecuadorian galletas. I'm so happy!