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Dec 12, 2008 11:16 PM

All-Clad 6 qt saute pan opinions

I need to decide on an All clad stainless vessel that has a large frying area. I had a cheap 12" I used to cook a 2 steaks or 4 pork chops at once.

I did not really like the 6 quart saute pan because the long bulky handle is a bit much at home. I was going to get the 6 quart casserole is the exact same thing but with 2 loop handles which is alot more friendly for storage.

Then I noticed there is a Williams Sonoma exclusive 6 Qt french braiser, it's actually a little cheaper and has a higher lid which will be useful for steaming and also braise. It says 12.5" diameter vs the 6 qt saute pan at 12 7/8". The picture on the WS site made it look a bit narrower than the regular 6 qt saute pan. Also looked to be brushed Stainless not polished from the picture?

Do you recommend the WS braiser for my situation?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. When I red your first two paragraphs, I thought "sounds like a braiser would work best", so yes, go for the braiser. Alternatively, you might check out a paella pan, although I don't think you'll find one with a lid.

    1. CA, for the sake of full disclosure, I'll tell you that I'm not a big All-Clad fan. I know it's good quality, but for whatever reason, I have better luck with some of other pans.

      But, I do have an A-C 13" skillet, and here are some thoughts:

      1. You are SO right to consider the storage and how the handles affect that. Out of curiosity after reading your questions, I measure the A-C skillet, end of handle to opposite rim. It is 22" long. That A-C saute is probably longer. I have 36" wide pan storage drawers along my cooktop wall, so it's not a problem. If you have drawers, fine. If I had to keep that pan inside a conventional cupboard, because of the angle of the handles on A-C, I think it would make for difficulties in getting pans in and out, and a lot of wasted space. JMO.

      And you know how it is. If you have to make inconvenient arrangements to store a big pan or pot, after a while, the thrill wears off, and you maybe pull it out once a year on Thanksgiving to use it. Which is a shame, with a nice pan....

      2. I like the idea of the high lid on the W-S, especially if it's a dome lid. It gives you a lot more flexibility with the pan.

      3. Is this inside, or the outside, or both, apparently brushed Stainless? I have some of both, and I have to tell you, I love the fond my (inside) brushed stainless pans create. I know I'm a little bit out of the loop on this, because I hear some people complain about them. But mine brown and sear things beautifully.

      My opinions, for what they're worth. Good luck with your decision.

      1. I went to WS to measure the braiser, it is 13" outside diameter (with lip) and about 12.5" inside, 3 1/4" tall

        The 6 qt saute pot is about 1/4" more in diameter and less in height. I think I would get the braiser since it is close enough, cheaper, taller lid and comes with the rack,

        The rack is made for meat braising but for steaming I think I need to take more care, since the rack sits quite low, either the plate would be submerged a bit or would need something to shim it up so you can use more water and reduce risk of running it dry.