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Dec 12, 2008 08:59 PM

Seeking Perfect Coconut Cake

I am looking for recs for the best, most elegant, bakery (take-away) coconut cake in Seattle. I want a round layer-style cake, with white or yellow cake, very moist, with a not-too-sweet frosting and lots of yummy shaved coconut. Filling is ok, as long as it is custard and not fruit.

Does this fantasy cake exist? I found a place called 60th Street Desserts, which claims to have a "signature" coconut cake, but it's frosted with something called "Italian meringue". I don't know what that is, but I hate the eggy stuff that goes on meringue pies...

Any suggestions, particularly from downtown to north Seattle would be much appreciated.

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  1. The Haupia cake at Kauai Family Restaurant in Georgetown is out of this world good.

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      The ultimate coconut layer cake comes from Charleston, SC, and they send by mail.

      1. re: zoogrrrl

        I agree - it's from Peninsula Grill and has been featured several times on the Food Network. Excellent.

    2. i think there was a coconut cake featured in last month's Seattle magazine.
      see below:
      "Affordable and Elegant: Both the coconut cake and the carrot cake at Whole Foods are our top picks for quality cakes without the sticker shock. (8-inch cake for $27, serves 10–12.)"
      "Best Steamed Cake:
      Banana cake with savory coconut sauce at Monsoon ($6) The irresistible cake, which gets its moist texture from a quick steam in banana leaves, is embellished with pillowy mounds of slightly salty coconut cream—the quintessential foil to this barely sweet dessert."

      1. I'd ask if the Kingfsh Cafe sells whole cakes, they have a great coconut cake.

        1. Hi....the "italian meringue' on top of a coconut cake is more of a marshmallow-y type frosting, not so foamy...more creamy..than a typical meringue that you'd find on pies.
          In my opinion , it's the perfect icing on coconut cake and 60th St. desserts have very good quality items. The fact that THEY call it their "signature" coconut cake is a good endorsement of probably a popular item for them. I"d vote to give it a try!

          1. they key to the box is to ask at Kingfish. Used to be a divine coconut cake baker in Madison Valley across from Rovers. She still bakes, but no longer retail and you would have to ask around to find her.