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Dec 12, 2008 06:13 PM

Connor Butler Lunch Review

There were 3 of us. We started with a cocktail. One friend had a “grey goose martini” - $17 but they were 3 oz. I had “Bombay sapphire martini - $12, and other had a Stella beer, not sure of cost...

We then went on to have the lunch menu. 3 courses, with a choice of 2 selections for each course for $40. The wine pairing was an additional $20 per person & 2 of us did that. This is only available at Xmas time, as I don’t think they’re open for lunch otherwise.

As the lunch menu is not on their website, I will tell it here:

Amuse Bouche:
The amuse bouche was a small foie gras bite, with some kind of jelly & a stollen raisin bread...I got an extra bite when I told my friend about foie gras... and we agreed not to mention what we ate til the end! I took a picture.

Cowichan Goat Cheese w/ garden herbs, pickled beets, citrus – wine: Chateau de Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc – (I had this). I think the chef/owner (?) presented the dishes...the chef told me I had truffles in my goat cheese, but honestly, I didn’t taste it, and didn’t like the beet either, but both guys I was with liked the beet but wouldn’t try the goat cheese! Go figure! I took a picture.

Lobster Bisque w/ caviar, lobster oil, sour cream & chives – wine: Hess, Chardonay – (they both had this). YUMMY! My goodness, the best bisque any of us has ever tasted!!! I only got two spoonfuls...but soooo good. Absolutely delicious! I took a picture.

Vancouver Island Scallps with organic tatatouille, tomato & basil puree (None of us ordered this dish).

Dry Aged BC Filet Mignon with sweet potato & chestnuts, oxtail sauce – wine: Lohr, Cab Sauvignon – ( 2 of us had this). I wasn’t overly impressed, but I’m not a “filet” other friend who had it finished it a quarter of the time I did & thought it was great. Me, not so much! I took a picture! meh, on the filet!

The guys had Vanilla panna cotta with warm red fruit with a blackberry wine – I took a pix. They liked it.

I had chocolate terrine with crunch meringue, dulce de letce with a muscat wine. I gave them mine, as I’m not into dessert. They loved it! None of us liked the dessert wine! I took pix!

Anyway, to end...lunch came to $250 for 3 without tip. My one rep said he will go & my other rep said we’ll wait til I pick something different again next Xmas!!!

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  1. Excellent review ck1234. We finally have a report on CB on the board.

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      What fmed said! Well done, C. Here's a link to your admirable photos:

      1. re: grayelf

        Now I see why many people mention the tableware there - nice plates!

        1. re: fmed

          Plates are Versace...some say it's "80's from other reviews"....the decor was nice, I thought, but I'm an 80's chick! Our waitress was french & me & my rep had to ask her what the food was about....she said, "old style classics with a french, euro, twist"...

          1. re: ck1234

            i'll gladly forego Versace plates for better portions any day of the week

    2. I tried to correct my spellling mistakes! On the scallops dish, it's ratatouille! I ended up writing this review twice as it didn't go and chowhound stripped off all my commentary about their site!

      It wasn't so bad, but I was mad I had to write it twice and probably didn't do so good as the first time I wrote it! up Apologies again! I was trying to be a good foodie writer! :-) Lunch took 2 full hours. We left at 4pm.

      1. Also, my friend had "steelhead tuna" as an entree. (There was 3 choices for the entree. Sorry, but my menu is misplaced now so I can't provide the sides! though I remember it had kale) There's a pix of it too, though, totally not recognizable! He loved it. We both thought he ordered trout, so were quite surprised when it was delivered as tuna (iPhone google told us it was Blue Fin)! I never got a bite! Both guys did comment how small the the plating was for all courses. I, infact, embarrassed myself when the first course was delivered...I asked him if it was a second amuse bouche, and he replied, "No, this is your first course"!....I guess it was because with the bisque, the bowl was empty with only the caviar/sour cream and it looked like one bite! They poured the soup in after...and the goat cheese really looked like a "bite" too.

        We had another round of drinks after the lunch. My friend had espresso, is that stuff good. I had another martini, & other had another Stella....he said after Mexico, drinking is hard to do!!!