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Dec 12, 2008 05:52 PM

Making tamales for x-mas, suggestions on where to buy good masa?


Its been a few years since my family has made tamales for any occasion, and our regular place where we bought the masa -La Flor de Jalisco, in La Puente, apparently isn't there anymore. Any suggestions on good places to buy prepared tamale masa? I'm in Alhambra, but am open to suggestions anywhere around LA if its good.

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  1. Yesterday poster "Jencounter" highly rec'd La Mascota Bakery for prepared tamale masa.

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    1. re: monku

      i think there's a masa factory just down fremont from alhambra proper...

      in hollywood i go to la adelita #2 on santa monica near bronson. I believe there's a "LA adelita" ono washington in east la.

      1. re: monku

        Yes, yes I did. We're making them today as a matter of fact and the masa is as good as ever.

      2. My grandmother-in-law buys her masa at carniceria sanchez on inglewood. I doubt it's worth driving that far though.

        1. I've never bought the prepared masa that they sell, but the actual tamales at Carillos are absolutely top drawer. Since they are made from the same masa, I'd feel pretty good about trusting it. There is a second location on Sherman Way in Reseda, but that's farther than San Fernando.

          They also serve HANDmade tortillas. Excellent.

          1. La Paloma in Duarte rocks. 1312 Duarte Road (626) 357-2904 (ask for the bakery) you can see them making the masa in the back--just doesn't get fresher. We teach a couple dozen students every year to make tamales, and they usually go on to host their own tamaladas. I send them all to La Paloma. They have gorgeous, precleaned hojas, too.