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Help! Need to bring fruit to a party

I was going to make turkey ricotta meatballs, but the hostess has asked me to bring fruit! One can I bring that is innovative, yet meets the hostesses' requirements???? P.S. I live in So. Cal so that is where the fruit will be purchased. Any neat presentation or recipe ideas? Has to travel an hour to the destination.

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  1. is it going to be served as an appetizer? dessert? is it a sit-down meal or all finger foods? i'm thinking you could make your own chocolate-dipped fruit. really doesn't require much effort, but looks impressive :)

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      I like that, goodhealth. There's a reason things become classic--because everybody enjoys them!

      Another idea would be fruit kebobs, with two or three sauces for dipping--i.e., a honey yogurt or creme-fraiche sauce; something chocolate, even a *soft* chocolate dip or instant setting one, as ghg recommended; and....hmmm...maybe something like a mascarpone-Amaretto sauce?

      The hour's travel doesn't seem like an insurmountable barrier--either a small cooler, or even a couple of thermal reusable grocery bags (available in supermarkets for about $2), with some ice stuck in them.

    2. Durian? She'll welcome the turkey ricotta meatballs in the future, guaranteed! '-)

      Is there an Edible Arrangements near you?

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        Oooh.. you're wicked, eh? Wicked!

      2. I have a recipe for a fig and goat cheese pizza that might meet requirements?

        btw, I have to comment on how much I love your CH name Anita Drink :)

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          There are also fruit pizzas with chocolate instead of cheese.
          http://www.cooks.com/rec/doc/0,189,15... among others

        2. I would get a nice platter and arrange whatever looks good in sections so people can take what they like. If you do a fruit salad you may encounter the mush factor. Right now you could do mango slivers, blueberries, firm apples (tossed in acid to keep color), Asian pear, and just to be interesting some avocado slices. You could offer a light dressing on the side like a ginger infused sugar syrup.

          1. I'd ask some of my gay friends to come along; and then would act really puzzled when gets really puzzled.

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            1. One of those really nice, large dried fruit trays from Costco. I have seen them sold there but never in person. I don't want to buy it all for the two of us.

              Then there is no waste.

              1. I agree completely with torty. When guests ask what to bring to some dinner or other, I will often suggest fruit. And by that I always mean a platter of fruit pieces - pineapple, mango, strawberries, melon, grapes, etc. I prefer the pieces to be at least an inch or two in size since I intend to serve them as an addition to some baked dessert or other. No kebabs, bowl of fruit salad or plate of dried fruits.

                I admit I don't always tell the person exactly what I mean so as not to appear like a total control freak. But then the result is that I get the bowl of fruit salad or something else I didn't really want.

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                  I third that suggestion. I wouldn't try to go "wow" but actually bring something that will contribute as the host probably intended when she asked you.

                2. Depending on how Martha Stewart you want to get, you could get a styrofoam base, like an upside down cylinder that looks like a Christmas tree. Cut fruit to bite sizes and skewer w/ a toothpick. Stick one end of the toothpick into the styrofoam and cover the styrofoam with fruit in a pattern. Serve a sauce on the side.

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                    OMG! I did that once in the 70's for one of my mom's parties. Took me forever, but I was strutting when I brought it out and lapped up the compliments. Thanks for the memory.

                  2. If you can get figs that aren't too crazy expensive, you cut them in half and top with mascapone and honey to serve for dessert. Mmmmm...figs...and cheese....