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San Francisco source for duck fat

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I am looking for a San Francisco source for duck and chicken schmaltz.

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  1. I usually get duck fat from Mission Meat Market on 22nd and Mission.

    Mission Market Meat Department
    2590 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

    1. I have previously bought frozen chicken fat at Andronico's. Call and ask. Also try
      Tel Aviv Kosher Meats Deli & Restaurant on Irving.

      1. From a roasted duck!

        Just roast a duck every week or so!

        1. Golden Gate Meat Company in the ferry building sells duck fat. Don't know about chicken schmaltz.

          1. Today 12 noon Andronico's Solano frozen Empire Frozen Chicken Fat 7oz $5.99.

            1. I believe I have seen it at Bi-Rite on 18th.

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                Yes, Bi-Rite has it, in the refrigerated section at the very back of the store. I usually end up mail ordering duck fat.

              2. Bryan's at Laurel Village always carries duck fat - around $8 lb., 16oz containers - at the grocery store, not the butcher. They used to carry chicken schmaltz, but no longer, as far as I know.

                I picked up some chicken schmaltz from Andronico's on Irving last week for my mother in law. I've also special ordered it from Guerra's on Taraval in the past. They usually have enough raw chicken fat on hand and can prep it for you if you give them a few days. Not sure how busy they are this week, though.

                1. I get rendered duck fat at the Fabrique Delices stand at my local farmers' market -- I usually shop at the Thursday morning market at Serramonte Shopping Center. Here's a link to their farmers' market schedule: