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Dec 12, 2008 05:06 PM

Grill at Setai or Table 8 for Prix Fixe

My friend and I are looking to go out for a special meal in South Beach this coming Thursday and, after hours and hours of research, I thought I'd settled on Table 8, based on the not totally outrageous prices, scene, and location not too far from the Delano, Shore Club, etc. But now I see that The Grill at the Setai has a $55 prix fixe that looks really good. And after reading about how nice the staff was during Miami Spice, I'm thinking they might not treat us like second-class citizens for ordering it. Has anyone been for the prix fixe yet? I just keep thinking that a meal at that price at a place like the Setai has to be too good to be true. Is it?

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  1. There is nothing great about table 8, food is ok, not great. Service is lacking. When I went my wife and I were the only guests in the dining room , the Chef Armstron is so arogant, when we left we walk right infornt of him and he did not even said thank you, good night.. nothing. I do not know how the stay open.
    Now the Setai is one of the best, the decor, the food and the service are all first class. And things are so bad in all restaurants right now that believe me no one is going to treat you bad for ordering their pre-fix menu.

    1. Sardinia beats both of them both on price and food quality.

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        Grill @ the Setai very recently updated their whole menu, have you tried it? The prix fixe is simple stuff (which is really the theme of the Grill as opposed to the Restaurant) but looks pretty nice for the price ->

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          Frod, that deal also includes parking ($10) and a glass of champagne.

          “Don`t be fooled by some of the very simple sounding Caesars salad or tomato and mozzarella. These are all modernized highly refined versions not seen elsewhere,” insisted chef Wright.

      2. Just wanted to follow up -- we did end up at The Grill and the Setai and were very pleased with our experience. Times must be tough, because we were the only customers in the dining area the whole time we were there. The staff was helpful and not overbearing. We did each get a free champagne cocktail and a veggie antipasto platter, which was really nice. The prix fixe was a steal, considering that most main courses alone are well over $50, and the portions were very satisfying. While the food was very above average, it wasn't outstanding and I don't think I would feel good about paying the normal prices. The setting cannot be beat -- pure class and opulence. We ate dessert out by the pool and, since the place was nearly empty, felt like we were in a movie set. We walked by Table 8 the next day, and it didn't seem nearly as visually stunning.