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Dec 12, 2008 04:45 PM

Shin Orlando

Anybody been, how was it?


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  1. Excellent. Worth a trip.

    1. Totally loved it. They use REAL crab in all of their rolls and dishes!

      1. I was not impressed. Service was gruff, the decor was Spartan and the food was incredibly overpriced. The quality of the food, however, was good.


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        1. re: Scott Joseph

          You know what, Sott, I think they must handed you a different menu.

          I was at Shin last week and I was impressed by the quality and freshness of the fish. The Rainbow roll (which is usually my measure of how expensive a sushi place is) was for $9. That's around average or even slightly below. Ordered a toro sashimi for $12, tasty but not really worth it.

          Decor is basic and service was ok.

          Their selection of specialty rolls is limited, tried a futomaki that didn't score too high with us.

          Still, I liked the quality of the ingredients and the price beats amura.