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Dec 12, 2008 04:02 PM

Schnitzel Haus in Bay Ridge

I am curious about this place. Has anybody been there?

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  1. The food at Schnitzel Haus is excellent stick to your ribs fare. The service on the night I was there was extremely slow but that is the only complaint I have ever heard about SH.

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      Haven't been there. In fact, never heard of it. In what sort of environment is it set?

    2. Went there last Saturday night for the first time. I'm glad I called in the afternoon because they told me they had two large parties coming in for dinner around 7:30 so we reserved for four at 7:00. The menu is quite extensive with traditional German items. I had the rouladen, which was good, but nothing to rave about. I didn't taste any bacon, and there wasn't much tomato. The gherkin pickle was the most evident ingredient in the dish. I would comment that our waitress was very good on this very busy night.

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      1. re: FastEddie

        Sounds delightful. I'll have to check it out when I'm back in town.

        I'm quite fond of German food. I've toured the eateries of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg. I've been to Zum Stammtisch, and that new WunderBar German Grill & Bierhaus in Astoria. If you've been to either of these, how would you say they compare to Schnitzel Haus?

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          For the record about "Rouladen"
          'Bacon' is not the traditional ingredient. It is German 'Speck' (not to be mistaken by the imported "Speck" from Tirol). German Speck is smoked fatty Salt Pork, strips of that are used in Rouladen. What about 'Tomato' ? There is no Tomato in Rouladen!

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            I agree the waitress at Schnitzel Haus was great but there was only one waitress on the night we went and she was definitely overworked but most efficient.