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Portuguese sausage in Phoenix?

Is there anywhere in Phoenix to get the portuguese sausage that you get in Hawai'i?

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  1. I come from a very Portuguese family from the central coast area in CA and we eat a portuguese sausage called linguisa. I'm not sure if this is the same portuguese sausage that is served in hawaii but i'm assuming it is?? It's very difficult to find normally(not in grocery stores ever) but I found it at Schreiner's sausage the only time I went there about a year ago. Not sure if they always have it or not, and although it is good and tastes genuine, it doesn't quite compare to the homemade stuff near fresno that my grandma gets straight from the farm.

    Schreiner's Fine Sausage
    3601 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014

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      It is. Mmm, linguica and char siu fried rice -- breakfast of champions for Hawaiians.

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        The Pork Shop in Queen Creek has liguica. It is the best in town. Support your local butcher and take a short drive to Queen Creek. You will be so happy you did!

      2. LeeLee Market in Chandler has a few different kinds of Portuguese sausages in their freezer section next to the fish balls, beef balls, and such. I've never tried them but they look similar to the Portuguese sausages my friend brings back from Maui.

        1. If you can't find it ( I can't get it here in Philadelphia either), i think one or two of the places in New Bedford will ship the stuff to you. I have relatives in NE who get mine for me

          1. My bf grew up in Northern CA & loves him some linguica. Every once & awhile we'll find some at AJ's. We have tried to kind from Lee Lee's, but it seemed a little different than the kind we're used to. (It's been so long since we tried it I can't remember why.)
            We usually order it from the place he used to get it in CA:

            1. After much searching: Sam's club Gilbert road south of Baseline (Silva brand) and Lee Lee Market Dobson and Warner (rego brand)

              1. I believe Schreiners carries it.

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                  It's on their list on their website, and I saw it in the case when I was picking up some andoullle last week

                2. You can order authentic Portuguese linguica, Spanish chorizo, Cajun andouille and many other types of gourmet specialty sausages directly from the Silva Sausage company based in San Jose, CA if you cannot find any of their products in your local area. I grew up in a town in central California that had a large contingent of families of Portuguese (Azores Islands) descent and Silva's was the linguica of choice in the San Joaquin valley if you couldn't make your own homemade linguica. The quality is impeccable. (Just google Silva Sausage.) !Buen provecho!

                  1. That sausage is addictive, but not so good if you are going to kiss anyone anytime soon or go on a long hike!

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                      Just like when you are enjoying anything with garlic in it, the objective is to get your sweetheart to eat it too ;)

                    2. You can order Hawaiian style portuguese sausage from www.gouveas.com (Gouveas, Purity or Hawaiian Style --- I prefer Gouveas or Purity Hot). $50 will get a big supply shipped overnight with postage included. I've been ordering from them for years--- I'm surprised more people don't know about it.

                      1. I found the Hawaiian style Portuguese sausage in ... get this ... "SAMS" of all places... it is DELICIOUS! The sams on Dysart Rd West Valley and the other Sams I found it in was on Bell rd and the 303