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Dec 12, 2008 01:53 PM

Need tips to dispose of excess citrus

So, on a whim I bought a huge box of oranges and grapefruit - I now have something like 22 grapefruit and 40 oranges to get rid of. I am single and live alone, and as much as I like citrus, I can't eat it 3 meals a day.

Does anyone have any good tips on how to use these fruits? Here is what has come to mind so far:
Citrus fruit salad
Orange grapefruit bars (think lemon bars, but different)
Orange cake with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and candied orange peel garnish
Grapefruit-cardamom cookies

Anyone have any good "savory" ideas? All of mine are sweet. Additional sweet ideas would be okay too, as I plan to do some entertaining soon.

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  1. You can make some orange (as opposed to lemon) curd. It's not savory, but it's another idea. Do you like duck? The combo of orange and duck is classic.

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      Oranges are also great with pork. I used to have a great recipe that involves fresh orange juice, honey, mustard, and tarragon...

    2. I was also going to suggest a curd - it's something that will keep well, which should help prolong the bounty.
      Candied orange slices (dipped in chocolate?) for the holidays. I use the Food & Wine recipe on their website.
      There's a legendary Brown Derby grapefruit cake for that entertaining.
      You can put grapefruit supremes in a salad with avocado & red onion (search for grapefruit salad for an actual recipe)
      Marmalade. I really like the microwave marmalade recipe that someone posted last year - you should be able to find it in a chowhound search, or if you're feeling ambitious, you could put it up in jars.

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        Here's a grapefruit marmalade recipe that hobokeg posted quite some time ago: (I get so embarrassed when I look back at old threads and realized how much I said I was going to do and then never did! At least I'm ambitious in my head!


        There's a citrus bar recipe in Martha Stewart's Baking Book that is really good- it's lemon and lime, but I would not hesitate to experiment. It uses up a lot of citrus too!

        I know everyone loves Rachael Ray SO much ;-) but she does have an interesting citrus salad method that I like. You basically supreme grapefruits and oranges and put those in an oven-safe dish with the juices, sprinkle it with a little cointreau (I've also used peach schnapps) and a little brown sugar, and broil. It's really tasty, and obviously simple.

        Sorry no savory dishes to recommend, but I always do like red onion and citrus together.

      2. Have you considered squeezing them for Juice? I am originally from Florida and we used to squeeze any left over citrus at the end of the season and freeze it. It freezes fairly well and also makes a great sorbet if you just want to hit it with a spoon. :-)

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          2nd atwiset's idea to juice & freeze for later use. Especially if you're a bit tired of the fruit at the moment but will enjoy it alot more down the line.

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            if you decided to do the juice thing or use the flesh/supremes in a recipe, be sure to reserve the can make candied orange or grapefruit peels, and even coat some of them in chocolate.

        2. savory:
          roasted chicken or turkey with plenty of orange zest on the skin with garlic/rosemary/thyme/ whatever you like and then place the oranges in the cavity and around. You can cover within 10-15 minutes because the skin tends to cook quickly.

          orange or grapefruit zest (and the juice) combined with 4 cloves of chopped garlic and 1/2 of a large white/red onion to make a great sauce for pasta. You can always add chicken or tofu for protein. Saute the onion and garlic first in canola oil and then place the zest in at the last few minutes. Use lots of parm and salt and you have a very flavorful sauce! ive used lemon for this so it definitely will be a twist on a pasta sauce.

          you can do orange or grapefruit ricotta pancakes (instead of lemon use orange or g/f)

          good luck! have fun!

          1. here is a really good drink recipe I got from Gourmet - you could always freeze the juice and make this come summertime...also, I've made lemoncello, not sure if you could do the same with the grapefruit and orange zest before squeezing...maybe re-post this question on the spirits board...

            3 cups cold water
            2 cups fresh OJ
            1 cup fresh grapefruit juice
            1/2 cup fresh lime juice
            1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
            1 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves, torn
            1/2 cup sugar or to taste
            Garnish - fresh mint sprigs

            stir together water, juices, mint and sugar in large pitcher until sugar is dissolved. Chill until cold at least one hour. Stir in sugar to taste and serve over ice with garnish.

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            1. re: geminigirl

              I already have plans to make an orange digestif and a grapefruit digestif per recipies that were on the Chow frontpage not too long ago.

              Thanks for the tips from folks. I had been toying with the idea of making orange and/or grapefruit curd.

              Tomorrow is baking/get rid of citrus day. I plan to make orange almond cookies and an orange cake with chocolate ganache. I also plan to try and start my digestifs tomorrow.

              I've decided to give my office mates little boxes of cookies for christmas, so that will help me use up some of my citrus...