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Dec 12, 2008 01:46 PM

HELP!!! Last minute party tonight & need food!!!

I'm putting together a last minute party and looking for place that has party packs, family meals or can feed 10+ on the fly. For example Maria's has a to-go menu and their Family Meals feed 4-6 and include a pizza, large tray of pasta, tray of salad and bread. I know pitfire grill offers something similar...any other ideas??? A valley location would be best but im sure I could sucker someone into helping me pick-up something farther away. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!

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  1. california chicken cafe

    carnival on woodman

    simon's cafe

    and the obvious zankou

    1. Crispy Crust in Hollywood off Vine (i think there is one on Vermont too)...the "Ultimate Package" for $19.95 comes with 1 Medium 3 topping pizza, 12 wings, 1 large caesar salad, 2 pieces of cheesecake and a 2 lt. Get a few of those and weeeeeee!!!!