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Dec 12, 2008 01:26 PM

Restaurants near Sheraton Centre in Toronto

Looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner places near the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. Staying for two nights. No Italian please. We like to sit at the bar to eat so places with good food and a nice bar atmosphere are preferred but not required. Don't mind splurging for a meal. Thank you.

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    1. I'm thinking you might like Beerbistro.

      I'm hesitant to recommend seafood given where you're from, but you can dine quite nicely at the bar at Starfish.

      Anybody else wanna help the lady out?

      Beer Bistro
      18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

      1. Oops. Forgot this.

        100 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

        1. Googs, Thanks for the reply. This trip was a last minute trip. We were on a business trip to Rochester and decided to go to Toronto. It was tough finding places using chowhound searches because I just didn't know the area and Toronto is so huge when I found a place that sounded good, it ended up being across the city. I didn't see your post before we left and I lost regular access to the computer. I did do some research on the boards before I made my post. Based on what I read, we ended up at the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar for dinner. It was a little further away than I would have liked but it seemed to be highly and consistently recommended so I picked this for our one dinner in Toronto. We took a nice (and long) walk there and took a taxi back. I would recommend JKWB. We had a great time eating at the bar and trying the different dishes paired with their recommended wine. This was really a great dining experience. Other meals were at the hotel. We ended up being upgraded to club level and had breakfast and snacks at the Sheraton club lounge. The food at the Sheraton was nothing special, but kept us nurished through all our exploring through your great city. Everyone we met in the city was super friendly! We just wish it didn't rain most of our trip!

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            You're very welcome. Next time your coming to town I'd be happy to help. Glad you enjoyed JKWB.

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              Thanks for the info.

              Just wondering how was the Sheraton Club Lounge? Did they have a complimentary bar and how was the quality of the food served as snacks? Thanks

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                The Sheraton Club Lounge in Toronto was okay. The view was very nice. They do not have complimentary drinks. They did have complimentary snacks. The snacks were a mix of hot and cold. They were adequate. Nothing special, nothing remarkable. Nice to be able to grab some snacks though. It was a very large club lounge. Service wasn't as personal as I've experienced in other club lounges. The hotel was having issues with parking (long, long lines ~ 45 minutes plus) and at checkin, it appears that they didn't have rooms ready. While we were in the club lounge, they were using it to send people waiting for their rooms. The lounge appeared to get slammed and they didn't really have the staff in there to handle the volume of people. They were struggling to get refilled plates out to the snack buffet and keep up with drink orders and clear tables as people left. We got a great deal upgrading to the club lounge and it was still worth it despite the problems. One note, we were there just before Christmas and they were shutting down the club lounge for the holidays. We did not have the club lounge breakfasts. Instead they sent us to breakfast in one of the hotel restaurants. We got to have the full buffet in the restaurant. There was no special consideration for club lounge people. It was a standard hotel buffet breakfast (omelet station and standard chaffing dishes with other breakfast selections).

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                  I have stayed at the Hilton next door to the Sheraton. On their club floor the alcoholic drinks are complimentary. They serve one of the best hotel continental breakfast too, lots of healthy options.

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                    In Ontario you cannot by law give away free "drinks" unless you have a special occasion permit (like for a wedding or special fundraiser), so you were lucky to get the drinks free at the Hilton, they must have figured out an end run around this Licensing rule. You also can only change your booze prices once daily, which is why you do not see the drops for happy hour like you find in the US.