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Dec 12, 2008 01:22 PM

Recs for Guerneville

Hi All,

I'm planning a girls weekend/bridal shower in Guerneville of all places for about 10 women in their late 20s-early 30s. Can you recommend any fun and good places for dinner? We are open to any type of food and price range. Looking for good fun atmosphere with solid food and nice bar. Because we'll be staying in the town, I'd prefer to dine close by so we don't have to drive too far. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. We really liked Stumptown Brewery. Not walking distance, but a quick (10 minute, maybe?) drive. They have a full bar, a really cool deck that overlooks the river, and surprisingly good bbq (as well as lots of other stuff that we didn't try) for decent prices. I had ribs that were tender without falling apart, with a nice amount of smoke and pretty good sauce. They have a couple beers that they brew there, including a great hefeweisen.

    While we're on this topic, I would highly recommend avoiding Charizma, which is a wine bar/restaurant centrally located. It looks appealing, but the food was really not very good, too pricy, and the service was ridiculous (don't want to go into it too much, but I will say that I'm normally pretty forgiving, and this was just too much).

    Fay Da Bakery
    136-18 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11354

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      Thanks for the info, will definitely check it out!

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        I loved the Stumptown Brewery too. We had great ribs and fries, and enjoyed the vibe. Depending where you are you'll be able to walk. We were a short kayak away!

        Applewood Inn is also lovely, but definitely more formal. It does have solid food and a nice bar, but it's sort of "Napa formal." That is, it's not stuffy and people don't dress up, but it's elegant. I think a group of 10 young people would still enjoy it a lot, and there aren't that many choices in Guerneville.

      2. If the group includes foodies who are willing to splurge you should consider the Farmhouse Inn in Forestville. The food is amazing -- some of the best in the Bay Area -- and the atmosphere is charming. It is just a few miles from Guerneville. It may be more formal than you are looking for, but it is so good it should be considered.

        1. I agree with SF Dude, if you want to splurge, Farmhouse Inn is wonderful. I've already posted about several of my meals there, so won't repeat myself. There is also Applewood Inn, in Guerneville, also a bit of a splurge and also very good. I had the best duck breast of my life there. Neko's (used to be Jonathan's but Jonathan retired and sous-chef Neko took over) on Hwy 116 is a fun, very neighborhood type of place. The food is certainly not great, but it's decent, and the atmosphere is very old-school roadhouse. The floor is not quite flat, which adds to the ambiance.

          Four miles farther west on Hwy 116 is Cafe Les Jumelles, which is my personal favorite inexpensive yet surprisingly good place. It's VERY simple, but the food is done with care by a chef who has worked in some of the high end places in Sonoma county and San Francisco before opening his own tiny place. There is a short but decent wine list. For brunch, I really like the salmon benedict, and the house made corned beef hash is absolutely delicious. The burgers are wonderful and cooked just the way you order. The salads are super-fresh and the dressings are all house made. Once at dinner the special was chicken braised in red wine, and it was divine. You really can't go wrong with anything there, but do understand that it's a little coffee house, nothing fancy but very friendly.

          By the way, Charizma has closed. I'd add Pat's to the list of places to avoid.

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            Just wanted to agree with Kathleen M about Cafe Les Jumelles. A charming little place with very good food. Only wine and beer though, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure if that matters to you. This would be a very different experience than Stumptown, so it really depends on what you're looking for. If you're more interested in a fun, casual atmosphere and booze and decent (but not great) food, go for Stumptown. If you're more food-focused, I would agree with Cafe Les Jumelles.

            Glad to hear that Charizma closed. I've had good greasy spoon breakfasts at Pat's, but would agree that it doesn't suit your purposes.