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Dec 12, 2008 01:17 PM

Bainbridge's in Chelmsford?

Anybody eaten there? Any recommendations? I'll be going there next week for a business-related event and I'm wondering what's good.

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  1. When we moved to town in '95, it was great. Actually, it was "our place". It was a little different from the usual American fare and was a nice casual spot for a few good beers and reasonable food. After a while they started charging upscale prices for middle-of-the road food. We haven't been in years because there's nothing to pull us there when there are better, less expensive, more flavorful options in Greater Lowell.

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    1. re: Dinsdale45

      That's discouraging. I have no choice in the venue, alas. On the other hand, I'm not paying so I don't care if it's overpriced. Is there anything they do particularly well?

    2. Bad. Really bad. Like Dinsdale, I used to go all the time. The last few times, the place was empty, the service was awful -- but that was nothing compared to the mediocre-to-bad food. No imagination, no effort to the menu.

      1. I heard that if you come out of the mill parking lot and go straight, there is supposed to be an amazing pizza place at the end of that street. I'll check it out next time I'm in the building.