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Dec 12, 2008 01:15 PM

Need Your Yummy Yet Easy Trifle Recipes

My mom gave me a trifle dish and I have a potluck brunch to attend on Sunday with my family. I had been racking my brain trying to think of a sweet dish to bring but - why not the trifle?

I've googled around and haven't been able to find a recipe that is both easy and yummy sounding. Please help. Remember to include recipes or link for recipes!

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  1. The great thing about trifles is that they can be involved (make all the components, and use many) or easy, but you really don't need a specific recipe. As your base, you can use lady fingers, pound cake, brownies - any kind of cake, really, purchased if you like. Add booze, coffee or juice to dampen the cake; pudding or custard, homemade or from a mix,;jam or fruit; chocolate or other sauce if you want to gild the lily, and whipped cream for the top. For flavor combinations, think about cake/filling combos you like and use those flavors. For example: chocolate/raspberry, vanilla/lemon/berry, etc.

    1. Classic tiramisu can be made into a trifle. One of my favs is a raspberry and peach trifle between layers of thinly sliced glazed lemons, lemon pound cake and freshly whipped citrus cream. Pretty too. This time of year frozen fruit, defrosted and removed of some of the liquid defrosting will create, works fine.

      1. My Mom's trifle is basic but so good I have never been tempted to try anything different. She buys good pound cake, but makes her own custard (or uses Bird's custard) and lightly whipped cream (slightly sweetened). So first she covers the bottom of the dish with slices of cake, then she sprinkles on brandy, then she tosses a bunch of frozen raspberries on top (they'll thaw slowly), then pours on some custard, then repeat. The top layer is the whipped cream. I think that's pretty classic.

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          This is the way we do it, using Sara Lee pound cake, Bird's, and port wine. Works with almost any ripe fruit: peaches in season, mango, etc.

        2. My family favorite is very easy and addictive. Brownies, chocolate pudding, chopped up Skor or Heath bars and whipped cream. Layer in that order. Yumm!
          Also, when strawberries are in season: pound cake, vanilla pudding, strawberries and whipped cream.
          Again simple but oh so good.

          1. Oh, I forgot. Paula Deen has a great recipe for a gingerbread/pumpkin trifle. Recipe is on the Food Network. Family loves this one for the holidays.